[WG] Friendly frenzy with Falcons

Match report by Raman Tanwar & updates by Pavethy


Date League Season
Mar 11, 2017 Friendly 2017

 It was a beautiful sunny day for cricket, one couldn’t have asked for a better day than this to start this year’s cricketing season. The earlier we thought to reach Sano 3, the late we arrived there. This was due to few last-minute drop-outs and heavy Saturday morning traffic on the highway. Our own Michael Schumacher (Pavethy) was behind the wheel along with Suresh, Praveen and myself (Raman). Manu was driving in company with Prashant Kumar (PK) and Prem as usual on his bicycle was the first to reach on time to the ground. Saif, Samir and Rahul were piggybacking on the opponent’s car, who were also late to arrive. By the time we arrived, Manu & Prashant had already picked up the ground stuff and along with Prem had arranged everything to make up for the lost time, showed their real commitments for the game. However, delay in reaching the ground didn’t deter our spirits.

The skippers (Pavethy & Sameep from Falcons) decided to have two games, a T20 and a 15 over game respectively to compensate for the lost time.

First game: T20

Match Report

Match scorecard

Second Game: (15 Overs)

Match Report
Match scorecard

It was a good start to the season for IECC where we won back to back matches. These warm-up matches tested the stamina of players also and a few of them might be having body ache but win must have relaxed their pain. IECC started their season on winning note and we all would like to carry forward this momentum for the whole season.