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Issue #9 Edogawa Falcons wins Kanto Cup


December 5, 2000                                                                                              Issue #9

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Kanto Cup

What an anti-climax to this wonderful tournament! The most important match of this year-long tournament turned out to be a non-event as one of the finalist and last year’s champion, Friend XI, refused to turn up for the match on the scheduled day, Sunday, Nov. 26. The day being bright and sunny, the Edogawa Falcons, the other finalist, were said to be on the ground on time and was waiting for the their opponent before they decided to have practice match among themselves.

The problem has been brewing for about a month, much before the semi-final stage as the Friends had indicated their inability to play any match after Nov. 16 until Dec. 3 as their players would be travelling during this period and hence requested a postponement. However, KCOC(the Kanto Cup Organising Committee) refused to entertain their plea on the grounds that the rules permitted a match to be postponed only due to bad weather and nothing else. Acceding to this request would certainly have led to similar requests next year.

The championship has, thus, gone to Edogawa Falcons by default, who were unimpressive during the league matches during which they won only one match. The Falcons were a touch lucky this season and incidentally, this was the second walkover awarded to them. The quarter-final against YC&AC didn’t take place as YC&AC couldn’t produce a team on the scheduled day and the Falcons won by default. But in the semi-final, they surprised their rival, Lalazar Sports, another strong contender for the Cup and last year’s finalist with a 3 run victory.

The annual All Star match, a match between two teams with players picked up from every team in each group was conducted on Dec. 3. This used to be followed by a prize distribution-cum-dinner ceremony when the trophies were distributed but since the peculiar way in which the championship has ended this year, no trophies related to the Kanto Cup were awarded to anybody. The only trophies that were distributed were the Best Batsman, Best Bowler and MVP of the All Star match. And of course, there was dinner!

With this, the Tokyo cricket season has ended.

Pacific Cup

The Indian Engineers won the three match series Pacific Cup between them and the Shizuoka Kytes 2-1. The Kytes had won the first match that was played in May this year. But the Engineers squared the series in a thrilling match in which the Kytes threatened to take the match and the Cup until the last five overs and then convincingly outplayed the Kytes by 116 runs in the final. Brief scores(35 overs):

IECC 208 all out in 33.4 overs(Sriram Sampath 73)

Kytes 92 all out in 21.1 overs(Biju Paul 4/16, Shankar Subramanyam 4/9)

Match report is available at Follow the link “Reports”. Pictures of this match can be viewed by following the link “In Action” on the revolving links.

Japan surrenders meekly in ACC Trophy

Japan was summarily outplayed in every department of the game and offered a cakewalk to their opponents in the ACC Trophy held in UAE, recently. Brief scores:

Nov. 16

Japan: 59 all out in 26 overs (Extras 19)

Maldives: 60 for 2 in 11.3 overs.

Nov. 17

Nepal beat Japan by 7 wickets.

Japan: 133 all out in 49.5 overs. (Extras 23)

Nepal: 137 for 3 wickets in 20.4 overs. (Extras 20)

Nov. 19

Japan: 95

UAE: 98/4

The ICC hypocrisy

Malcolm Gray, the ICC president, has threatened that India will be financially penalised and even the Test status be suspended for refusing to tour Pakistan. Now consider this. During the 1996 World Cup, Australia had refused to go to Colombo to play Sri Lanka citing security reasons. The same Malcolm Gray was a member of the Australian Cricket Board at that time, who took the decision that affected a World Cup. Read more at


That’s all in this edition. Hope you enjoyed reading it.


Issue #8 Kanto Cup Updates


November 14, 2000                                                                                              Issue #8

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Kanto Cup

In a tense but low scoring match conducted by neutral umpires, Edogawa Falcons defeated the fancied Lalazar by 4 runs. When Lalazar needed only 4 runs to win, Shafiq Virani bowled the last man to seal the match for Falcons.

Brief Scores:

EF 98(9 wides) in 23.3
Lala 95 (24 wides) in 24.4

The other semi-final between Friends XI and Tokyo Giants may be awarded to Giants as Friends have expressed their inability to play the final even if they win due to some unspecified reasons.

Kanto Cup on Cricinfo

Beyond the Test World, a bi-weekly column in Cricinfo has updated the Kanto Cup news. Follow the link:

Pacific Cup

I.E.C.C has squared the Pacific Cup series with a 20 run victory over Shizuoka Kytes on Sunday. A match report is available at Follow the link “Match Reports”. The final of the series is to be played on Nov. 26.

Player Statistics

Player statistics have been updated with the last two matches. Follow the link “Statistics” on the revolving links. The Statistics details are not updated yet.

Of Gentlemen, fishermen… and electricity

Never before had the nation’s sports icons been targeted by the taxmen. So, to ensure that word of their raids does not leak, S C Parija, Director-General, Investigation, Income Tax, says, they gave colourful code names to their operation. Take for example, the code name for the overall operation — “Operation Gentlemen”, although cricket no longer appears to be a gentleman’s game to many now.

For the raid on cricketing legend Kapil Dev, the code was “Operation GCI” — Greatest Cricketer of India.

For the raids on Navjot Singh Sidhu’s premises in Patiala, the code name used was “Operation OB”. That is easily explained by the fact that Sidhu opened the batting for India in Tests and One-Day Internationals.

But the code for the raids on all-rounder Ajay Jadeja easily takes the cake. “Operation Fisherman” is how it went out. Was it because Jadeja did TV spots for Kingfisher, the famous mineral water and beer brand? Or was it that the taxmen thought he was fishing in troubled waters? The latter, says Parija.

It’s easy to guess what “Operation OS” stood for? Because it was for the raids on Nikhil Chopra, the off-spinner.

But perhaps the most interesting of the codes was reserved for the most famous of the lot — ex-captain Mohammad Azharuddin. “Operation Vidyut” was the code name. Translated into English, the Hindi word “vidyut” means electricity. The connection between Azharuddin and electricity? Easy! Sangeeta Bijlani, his wife, is also known to friends as “Bijli”, which translated into English means electricity!

Match fixing

Azhar’s testimony to Chandrachud

Mohammed Azharuddin: I do not think that any match can be fixed. It has taken me 14 long years to build up some reputation as a player. I cannot think of destroying by playing badly with a deliberate motive. It is true that I dress well. I also like to live in a good style. I have a house in Hyderabad and a flat in Bombay. My accounts are quite clear. The tax authorities are the best judges of that. I do not know if there is betting in cricket, but I know this for certain that none of my teammates bets.

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Issue #7 Kanto Cup Playoffs starts


November 6, 2000                                                                                              Issue #7

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Kanto Cup

It has been rain all the way for the quarter final. The quarter final between Japan Selection and Lalazar had been the most ill fated with as many as 4 washouts so far. One more washout would have ensured a walkover for the Lala as the Japanese team is leaving for the U.A.E on Nov. 12th to participate in the ACC Trophy. However, a sunny Sunday on Nov. 5th ensured that the Lala had to spend their day on the field before moving to the semi-finals. They will be facing the Edogawa Falcons on Nov. 12th in the first semi-final, who walked over to this stage without any sweat as the YC & AC could not produce a team for their q.f match. Incidentally, one of the other semi-finalists – Friends XI – also walked over the Shizuoka Kytes as Kytes forfeited their game in order to complete the tournament in time – or so they say(the result wouldn’t have been any different, anyway..!) The semi final line-up is follows:

Nov. 12 – Edogawa Falcons Vs. Lalazar

Nov. 19 – Tokyo Giants Vs. Friends XI

Nov. 26 – Final

 ACC Trophy – Japanese team announcement party

The Japan Team will be going to the UAE from the 13th of November to play in the ACC Trophy.
There will be an announcement party of the Japan Team and the ACC Trophy on the 11th of Nov from 18:00 to 20:00. It will be held at an Indian/Pakistan restaurant near Hanzomon station, Tokyo. The cost is 5,500 yen per person. The name of the restaurant is “Siddique” which is about 5 min walk from No 1 exit. If you are interested in participating in this, please contact

I.E.C.C site revamped

Our site, has a new look now. The feedback we received from our visitors were encouraging and some of their suggestions have been incorporated. Apart from this, a new “ethnic” background picture has been added in the front page and also some pages such as the About, Meet us etc. has the Indian tricolor as their background color.

Our site has crossed 1,000 hits in the first week of November and has been ranked as 20 in the Top 50 cricket sites. Thanks for all those who voted for us. Please make sure that you vote for us whenever you visit. You can also view the counter statistics, such as who are the visitors, where they come from, hits per day etc by clicking the Counter itself on the site. Please feel free to do so.

Try to answer the quiz, if you haven’t done it yet.

New links added to our sites are:

  • Cool facts. Some little known cools facts about cricket and its players, which include: Krish Srikkanth added an extra “k” to his last name so that it becomes 9 letters. Why..? Read the Cool facts.
  • Cricket explained (for Novices)
  • Cricket explained (an American view point)
  • Fielding positions. Recommended for those who are not familiar with the fielding positions in a cricket field. Excellent graphic explanation.


I.E.C.C Schedule

Our schedule for the rest of the season has been updated on the site. Please visit and follow the link “Schedule” on the revolving links. If you are a playing member, please mark your calendar for the dates.

 A victim of Indian performance at Sharjah

NEW DELHI, Oct 30 (AFP) – India’s humiliating 245-run defeat to Sri Lanka in the final of the Sharjah tri-series proved too much for one fan, who promptly died of a heart attack, the Indian Express reported Monday. Jiya Ram, 65, collapsed in front of the television at his New Delhi home on Sunday after watching India slump to 54 all out and suffer the biggest margin of defeat in a one-day international.

Ram’s wife called the emergency services and he was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival, the newspaper said.

Editor’s note: Does anyone disagree with the fact that the Indian match fixers should be tried for unintentional murder as many such people have died in the past watching the so called “close matches” ?


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Issue #6 Kanto Cup reach playoff stage


September 4, 2000                                                                                              Issue #6

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Kanto Cup

Our Kanto Cup 2000 campaign has ended in a none too pleasant note where we failed to qualify for the quarterfinals. Let’s hope that we will do better next year.

The Kanto Cup Q.F line up is as follows:

YC & AC Vs. E. Falcons
Giants Vs. Fuji
Japan Vs. Lala
Shizuoka Kytes Vs. Friends

In the rest of the season we will be playing the 3 match series Pacific Cup with the Shizuoka Kytes and also the Indo-British Friendship Cup with the British Embassy. Apart from this, we are hoping to play some more friendly ties with other teams depending on the availability of the grounds. As of now, only Pacific Cup dates are available which is listed below:

Oct. 15 Match #1

Oct. 29 Match #2

Nov.12 Match #3 (Final match). Winner of two matches will walk away with the Cup.

The remaining two matches of Indo-British Friendship Cup will also be played in October/November that makes the rest of our season full of matches. The only exception is September when grounds are unavailable due to Kanto Cup matches.

Site Updated(

Please do not forget to vote for the site whenever you visit the site by clicking the Cricket Top 50 link!

Our site is updated with the logo of the club. You can see the logo sliding down(instead of the word I.E.C.C) when you open the page.

Statistics: Only 5 batsmen average more than 10 and only 4 have scored more than 50 runs this season so far. Shankar Tops the batting average(20.8) and runs(83) followed by Sriram. No bowler has been able to take his tally to 10 wickets yet. Follow the Statistics link on the revolving links for more details. The detailed batting and bowling figures are available from the summary page by following the “Statistics Details” link.

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YC & AC Sixes

The Sri Lankans won the YC & AC Sixes tournament by defeating the Pakistanis lead by Amir Ali by one run. Edogawa Falcons and Lalazar sports had boycotted the tournament. Giants and Friends represented the Pakistanis.


That’s all in this edition.


Issue #5 Kanto Cup Updates


August 3, 2000                                                                                              Issue #5

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

We are into the second half of the Japanese cricket season which ends by November. After having played a total of 5 matches(3 Kanto Cup matches and 2 friendly) in the 1st half of the season, it is time to take a look at the individual performances so far. The player statistics are available at our site Follow the “Statistics” link on the revolving links. Both batting and bowling analysis are available. For a more critical mind, a detailed report also is available from the Statistics page. Enjoy!

IECC ended their draught on the banks of Fuji River. IECC won a friendly against Fuji on Sunday, July 30. A detailed report and brief score card is available at

Kanto Cup

In yet another shock of the tournament, underdogs Japan Selection defeated Shizuoka Kytes by 19 runs. The implication of this is that we will tie with Shizuoka Kytes, if we manage a win against the Tokyo Giants, which will be a close call when run rate come into play.

Full score card:

Other Kanto Cup results are:

Friends defeated Falcons to take lead place in Group B.

Full score card:

Tokyo Giants defeated Japan Selection by 5 wickets. Brief scores: Japan Selection: 48 (Imran Rehman, 6/15), Tokyo Giants 49/5

Full score card:

Brief results and the points position are available at

 Upcoming matches

As mentioned earlier, the dates of the matches known to us are:

Aug. 13 Vs. YC & AC (Friendly)
Aug. 20 Vs. Giants (Kanto Cup)

Apart from these two, this year IECC has been requested to organise the Indian team for the prestigious YC & AC Sixes tournament. We will need a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 7 players for the tournament. The tournament will be held on Aug. 27.

Other titbits

There are some interesting postings by some interesting personalities on the IECC discussion forum. Visit our site and follow the link “Discussion”.

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In the Vision report submitted to the govt. of India, BCCI’s vision include putting up the best team for the next world cup in 2002! Poor BCCI, they are unaware of the fact that the next world cup is in 2003, not in 2002. Please do not consider this as a mere typo in a draft document. This is the document that BCCI took one month to produce and given to the government of India.


That’s all in this edition.

Issue #4 Kanto Cup on CricInfo


July 17, 2000                                                                                              Issue #4

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Kanto Cup on CricInfo

Kanto Cup made its way into CricInfo’s fortnightly column Beyond The Test World or BTTW, which concentrates on cricket in non-Test playing nations such as Japan. The report is compiled by Biju Paul. You can find this article by following the link “Beyond the Test World” from the main page of CricInfo( or by clicking

This column will continue to cover Kanto Cup and other indigenous tournaments in Japan.

IECC Vs. Japan Selection

In the upset of the Kanto Cup tournament, the Japan Selection defeated IECC by 6 wickets. A full match report is available at Follow the link “Kanto Cup–>Match Reports. A full scorecard is available at

Points position

As of now we are in a very bad position. Even if we win the only remaining match of us, we are in an unenviable position. Assuming that Japan Selection will lose their remaining two matches, we will tie with them with 10 points apiece, in which case the run rate will be taken into consideration to determine the fourth qualifier for the quarter finals. As of now, with only two matches played, Japan Selection is ahead of us in the run rate too. We can only pray that they lose very badly in their next two matches and we win our next match with lot of runs on board. Given below is the run rate so far:


Vs. Shiz 87/10, Vs. Japan 117/10, Vs. YC & AC 128/10. Runrate: 332/30 = 11.07

Japan Selection:

Vs. Indian E. 118/4, Vs. YC & AC 77/10 Runrate: 195/14 = 13.97

The points tally

Having played all their 4 matches in the league level, YC & AC leads Group A(our group) with 3 wins and a draw(14 points). Friends XI leads Group B with 10 points from 3 matches(2 wins and a draw). Brief results of the matches played so far and the points position is available at

Our schedule

As of now, we have two more matches coming up which are on:

August 13 Vs. YC & AC (Friendly)

August 20 Vs. Tokyo Giants (Kanto Cup)

Apart from these, there are 5 more matches whose dates are still unknown. They are the 3 match series Pacific Cup with the Shizuoka Kytes and the other 3 match series called Indo-British Friendship Cup with the British Embassy of which one match is already considered to have been played earlier this year.

Sheikh is in trouble again

Edogawa Falcons Captain Shikh Nissar clashed with Fuji captain Glenn Carter over the condition of the Fuji ground where the Falcons were supposed to play their league match against Fuji. According to the reports, Glenn declared the ground unfit for play on the day before the match which Sheikh refused to accept and wanted to play at any cost. In the ensuing argument over the phone, Glenn reported to have abused Sheikh using foul language. The Kanto Cup committee has since rescheduled the match but it is not yet known if this is acceptable to both the teams.

That’s all in this edition. Hope you enjoyed reading it.