Celebrating 20 years of IECC in Japan Cricket

Founded in 1997, This year we are celebrating the active participation of IECC club in Japan cricket and   impact it had among cricket fraternity in Japan. In front of us, new clubs were formed and dusted. Clubs from 1997 or before are nowhere to be seen.

Its interesting that IECC is the Club that is still going strong throughout these years and keeping consistent high quality of Cricket.

100+ players represented the club over the years. Those who are away, still keep contact through social media and fondly follow the club activities. A very special report on these 20 years of the club will be compiled by one of founding member Biju Paul, and few more those who played cricket with and against IECC for more than 10 years.

It would be a lovely compilation of Interesting battles over the years, ups and downs, club records, people,sponsors who supported the club and lot more .

Stay tuned for special report and activities planned for celebration. 

We would love to hear from other founding members & those who have  played cricket with or against IECC. Please let us know your feedback on contact us