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IECC 2016 Awards Presentation Night

The Indian Engineers Cricket Club held its Season end & Annual Awards Presentation Night for the 2016 season on November 19 at  Nirvanam Ariake Restaurant in  Tokyo. It was fun filled evening in presence of families & friends. Delicious food menu & fun events kept  everyone engaged through out the evening. See the list of all the winners presentation, pictures of the event.


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[KCL Final] Engineers falls just short of the elusive 2016 KCL trophy

Match report by Anurag Singh


Nov 13, 2016KCL-I2016

Match Report
   It was a rematch of last year’s KCL final, at the same ground, with the relatively revamped Engineers taking on the mighty Samurais with a new captain at the helm. The game also ended the same as last year with Samurai walking away with the title after a thrilling hard-fought game.

With the ever-so-reliable and ever-so-under-appreciated Pavethy and Anurag behind the wheel, along with the train-preferring group, the Engineers reached Sano (the venue) well before the game start time.
Under the always-smiling never-cursing practice manager, Prashant Kale, the Engineers started their regular warm-up and pre-game practice. This has been one major improvement that the Engineers have made this season, which has ensured lesser injuries, and has also helped with team bonding, and the practice manager has played a major role in it.
Samurai won the toss and as was expected they chose to bat first and put run on the board in the pressure game.
The new ball for the Engineers was shared by veteran Rajneesh, and Anurag in the absence of Biju Paul, who was busy stalking the Indian Prime Minister who was visiting Japan for the weekend.
Rajneesh as expected and as always started the proceedings with perfect line and length. With the crap KCL balls this season, which look a game old after a couple of overs, Rajneesh wasn’t getting his usual outswing, but he managed to get one nip back in, inviting the edge of Samurai opener Raza. The first wicket brought in Chula, who joined ex-captain Hanif at the crease. Both batsmen started rather cautiously but were still going at a pace of run-a-ball.
After a few good overs by Rajneesh and few wayward ones by Anurag, the captain brought on left-arm spinner Dhaka and right arm medium Raman. Both the bowlers started well and bowled a couple of good overs but were unsuccessful in breaking the partnership. The batsmen had grown in confidence and were starting to take the bowlers on, backing themselves to clear the short boundaries. Vinay brought himself on, hoping the change would do the trick and break the partnership, but he was also taken for a few runs. Halfway through, the scoreboard read 132 for 1.
In the middle overs, a lot of chances were created but the usually bankable Engineers failed to grab onto those. The most important one, probably was of Chula. After completing the half century, Chula trying to up the tempo further drove a full ball in the air to long-off. Saif patrolling the boundary misjudged the catch and run in too quick, missing the ball and injuring his head in the process. Glad the ball missed the eye and there was no grave injury. Other than this there were a few more chances, which the Engineers hope that they would have latched on to.
Vinay tried a few more bowling options, bowling Prashant Kale, and bringing back the opening bowlers but everyone was taken for runs.
By 25th over, Samurai were cruising at 244 for 1, with completing his century and Chula in late 80s.

Desperate to break the stand, the team dentist, Pavethy, was called on to bowl his dibbly dobblies. With the street smart cricketer that he is, Pavethy managed to trick Hanif into spooning one up to extra cover, with Amigo (Kobayashi) running in from long-off to complete a fine catch.
This was exactly the opening that the captain was looking for. He came back for his second spell the next over and made sure that the new batsmen could not score freely. Both Vinay and Pavethy, followed by Dhaka bowled well in tandem and kept making breakthroughs.
The scoreboard after the allotted 35 overs read 280 all out, with the last 10 overs accounting for only 36 runs and 9 wickets. Vinay the pick of the bowlers, picked up another five-for.

The momentum was in favor of the Engineers, and although the required run rate was almost 8 an over, the Engineers were backing themselves to get it.
After a little break and a lot of banter, the Engineers started the chase with Prashant Kale and Abdul opening the batting. Samurai looking to take the pace off the ball, which is one of Kale’s two favorite things, the other being a Smirnoff Lite, started with spinners from both ends.
Kale being in great touch, took the attack to Sujith and launched him for a mammoth six over the mid wicket boundary, followed by another four. He took the attack to the other bowlers too and made sure all the bad balls, and a few of the good ones, were hit to the fence.
With the spinners going for runs, Supun brought on the pace of Yasith which brought immediate results, with Abdul getting trapped in front beaten for pace.
Amigo came in to replace Abdul, and the sensible batsman that he is made sure that there were no more quick wickets. He kept rotating the strike but was having a little trouble in getting going. Kale on the other end was in a different zone and was middling almost every thing. With 70 on board after 11 overs, Supun called on Hanif, Kale’s nemesis, to break the partnership. The plan worked perfectly for Samurai, with Kale missing a fuller delivery headed for the stumps.
The wicket brought Vinay to the crease, and along with Kobayashi, he started steadying the ship, the role he has had to play almost too many times. However, the Samurai bowlers kept bowling good lines and kept inviting mistakes. Chula took out Amigo, followed by Hanif taking out Prashant Kumar, reducing the Engineers to 89 for 4 after 14 overs.
After the fall of Prashant Kumar, Pavethy joined Vinay in the middle, and smacked the first ball he faced over extra cover for a boundary, followed by consecutive fours in the next over off Hanif. The ease and comfort showed by Pavethy at the other end, brought Vinay the freedom he needed. Vinay also took to the bowlers, stepping out to the spinners and depositing them over the fence multiple times. The ease with which he was clearing the boundaries was a treat to watch. The duo put on a partnership of close to a 100 runs, taking the Engineers closer to the mammoth target.
kcl-final-team-photo_2With the engineers cruising at 180 for 4 in the 25th over, against the run of play Pavethy ended up getting himself stumped off Yasith. With almost 100 to go at 10 an over, the Engineers had Vinay at crease and 5 more wickets in the kitty. The next few batsmen, namely Anurag, Dhaka  gave Vinay company but not the support that he needed. With 60 odd left to chase, Vnay, against the run of play fell to his nemesis, Chula, trying to run it down to third man handed a catch to short third man.
With only two more wickets left and 50+ to chase at 12 an over, everyone thought that Vinay’s wicket was the final blow to the game. However, Raman, who was batting way down the order for some reason had some other plans. The first over he faced he took to the spinner Rangana, launching him for two huge sixes over midwicket, followed by a boundary off the last ball of the over. Himanshu tried to up the run rate but ended up losing his stumps to Yasith. In came Rajneesh who was determined not to lose his wicket, as advised by the captain. He kept rotating the strike, making sure Raman got to face as much as possible, and Raman made sure that he kept getting the boundaries in every over.
With Yasith bowling a good penultimate over, Engineers needed 24 of the last over of the innings. With the way Raman was batting it did not seem impossible, but as they say it was not supposed to be. A couple of dot balls meant that the Engineer ended up on the wrong side of the line, falling 12 runs short of the elusive title.
Overall, it was a great thriller of a game with everyone chipping in, be it with the bat or the ball, not shying away from the challenge, not buckling down under pressure.
There was great support from Manu, Suresh and PK, who showed up to cheer for the team and helping out with scoring and taking the field when needed.

Albeit not perfect, it was a great end to a good season of cricket. The team has great bonding off the field, which shows on the field, with guys backing each other when the chips are down. Although I wouldn’t name anyone here especially Pavethy and Vinay, that some of the comments tend to be overly critical ;).
It was great playing with all of you this season and with this momentum, I have a feeling that the next season is going to be an even better one for the club. See you all next year

Match scorecard

Match Summary

TeamRunsWickets LostOutcome
Samurai C.C.28010Win

Samurai C.C.



Prashant B. Kale 47-3653--1-
Abdul Sattar 1-500--1-
M. Kobayashi 19-2720--1-
Vinay Mohan Iyer 75-4437-11-
Prashant Kumar 3-400--1-
Pavethynath Velusamy 35-2460--1-
Anurag Singh 7-1100--1-
Devendra Dhaka 15-520--1-
Himanshu Bugalia 6-510--1-
Raman Tanwar 41-1633--1-
Rajneesh Shukla 6-500--11
Total 268        

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[KCL Semi] Engineers leave the Tigers wounded

IECC enters Grand final of KCL  2016

Match report by P.Kale


Oct 30, 2016KCL-I2016

Match Report
     In the final league game against Samurai, the Engineers played like an wounded tigers  which helped IECC moved to 2nd position in league table.In the semi-final match played on 30th Oct 2016, Engineers ensured that it was the Tigers who left wounded at the end.

       For this important game, Umpires needed to be neutral and good and desperate search was on. Finally on Friday night, Mihindu gracefully accepted the request. Regular captain Vinay was back in town and he put up one of the strongest 11 so far of the season.  He created special comm. group to discuss, motivate and make sure everybody arrives at ground on Sunday morning. 5 team members (Vinay, Raman, Rajneesh, Prashant Kumar, Saif) joined Pavethy from Akihabara. Rest 5 by train. Prashant Kumar, Raman, Devendra reached Tatebayashi on time at 8.30am and duly headed towards ground! (Well done guys). Prashant Kale & Manu being culprit of catching wrong trains arrived 9:00 am at station Shared taxi with ITCC guys to arrive at ground.

     Lot of spectators were expected for this game to cheer IECC however at the end we had only 2 ie. Biju Paul (IECC president) and Prakash Jayara arrived on the ground to support the team

Toss: ITCC Captain won the toss and Chose to bat first. It was decided to have 35 over match.

1st Innings 


     A small pep talk and Opening bowlers Rajneesh and Devendra were ready to roll their arms. Both bowlers maintained tight line and length. In 3rd over, Rajneesh provided first breakthrough. Opening batsman tried to clear mid-off fielder Manu but could not do so.  ct. Manu b. Rajneesh is by far is the most familiar entry in score sheet this season. At the other end, Devendra’s (left arm off spin) pacey spin was relatively quicker than genuine medium pace of Rajneesh. His tight lines with good pace and bounce were too difficult to handle for ITCC batsmen. First few overs, Prashant Kumar behind the stumps & slip cordon had to weather lot of inside, outside edges, missed stumping (did I say that!). Devendra wkt meter as usual was not ticking.

       At the end of first power play, scoreboard read 7 runs 1wkt 7overs. Rajneesh produced another breakthrough 2nd  wkt when batsman tried breaking shackles Devendra tried a slower one which turned and bounced and edge was neatly taken by Pavethy at first slip earning him his first wicket and 3rd wkt for team.. It was well taken by Devendra. Vinay replaced Devendra and continue to put pressure on batsman.  Rajneesh bowled 6 overs in his first spell with excellent figures of 6-0-10-2.  Prashant Kale replaced Rajneesh and trapped batsman plumb in front to give IECC its 4th wkt . His 2nd over was wkt maiden a catch well judged by Abdul at Long on .ITCC 5 down for not many  As 5th wkt partnership started to develop for ITCC, Accurate throw from Vinay and glove work by Prashant Kumar found batsman short of crease 6down. Raman Replaced Prashant  and he continued to apply pressure backed up by some excellent fielding and catching in outfield. Vinay changed bowling ends from River side with Raman and bowling from Sano end (Yes we have name for the bowling ends. He gave more flight and less pace on ball and batsman went after it. Batsman missed straight one and ITCC lost 7th wkt. 8th wkt was catch at long on taken by P. Kale .

img_4999     When Abdul is on the field , you will be able to see spectacular dives,  one-handed diving catches and that’s how Vinay got his third and 9thwkt of ITCC. Excellent catch at covers and the whole team was on him like someone scored a Goal in World cup final. !  Patient Raman maintained his line and length and finally when batsman decided to go after him only to find a fielder Himanshu at mid –off. Finally, ITCC were bundled out for 67 runs in 24 overs. This was possible due to good execution of lines by bowlers and excellent fielding in the outfield by all team members. “Catching” remains a lot to be deserved.

  • Rajneesh 6 – 0 – 10 -2
  • Devendra 7 – 1 – 9 – 1
  • Vinay    5 – 0 – 14 – 3
  • Kale     3 – 1 – 16 – 2
  • Raman    4.4 – 1 – 16 – 1
IECC chase

        The opening pair of Prashant Kale & Abdul Sattar was at the crease again to knock off 68 runs. Opening bowler Ranjeet was making ball talk by this clever mixing of In-swing, cross seam and straight seam bowling. Big gap in bat and pad and Abdul missed an in-swinging delivery.  Saif was promoted at no 3 to spend some time in the middle. Except Ranjeet, rest of bowlers were not so impressive. Prashant Kale started Diwali celebration of IECC by dispatching deliveries back past the bowlers and over the outfield.(2×4, 5×6).img_5001

One mistimed drive went over the 2nd slip for 2 runs. This particular mention is for the critics : ) .  At the other end, Saif started nervously. He has been victim of playing too many shots at the start and giving his wkt away. He soon gained in confidence when instructed to play only in “V”. Good straight drives for 1&2s came often and that made a good viewing for all members. Most importantly it was confidence boosting for himself to understand how to build an innings without risks at the start of the innings.

Drama of the day

6 to win and 6 to complete 50 for this writer.

     Yours truly tried to finish it with six but did not time it well & as the ball was heading towards cow corner rope, long on fielder ran almost 20 meters to his left to complete a good catch but instead of stopping inside the field of play, he ran a step further & went over the rope. Well.. this writer & team couldn’t be happier to get a confidence boosting 50 in the semifinal.

Target was well achieved in 10 overs. IECC won this game convincingly by 9 wkts and 15 overs to spare to enter the Grand FINAL OF KCL 2016. Game finished at 1:30 pm almost 2 hours earlier than usual.


img_4995Meanwhile, at Lunch time, Rajneesh and Prakash were out and arrived exactly at the end of the match (after 1 hr or so) . As soon as match finished Prakash set up the barbeque in a flash. .X5 tailgate was open to make a nice podium to enjoy barbeque. Raman wanted to stay a bit longer and this writer, Devendra, Manu agreed to stay for 30 min and then leave… Once the beer can got opened, everybody forgot about the time and train.

Writer also vividly remembers someone or someone’s car was rescued with electric shock/ jump start to bring back to life!

Tennis ball game


At 3:00 pm some Asian expats were playing taped tennis ball Cricket match and few sober guys decided to challenge. This writer & few other were too busy enjoying barbeque and chat that we were later told that we won that match..

It was good to see that people planned for barbeque but focused on match first. Abdul, Prashant kumar, Manu were electric in the field. Catching still needs a lot of attention. This will be most important factor in Final.

Happy and safe Diwali to all of you.  KCL Final match is also our last match of the season. Let’s do our best and end the season on high note.

Match scorecard

Match Summary

TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome




Prashant B. Kalenot out50-3225-111
Abdul Sattar 0-4----1-
Saifuddin Rajnot out7-20----11
Pavethynath Velusamy 000000000
Prashant Kumar 000000000
Rajneesh Shukla 000000000
Vinay Mohan Iyer 000000000
Manu B. 000000000
Himanshu Bugalia 000000000
Devendra Dhaka 000000000
Raman Tanwar 000000000
Total 68        

Did not bat: Pavethynath Velusamy, Prashant Kumar, Rajneesh Shukla, Vinay Mohan Iyer, Manu B., Himanshu Bugalia, Devendra Dhaka, Raman Tanwar

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[KCL] Samurai’s decoded in a crucial Sano encounter

IECC enter semifinal by strong display of Cricket skills.

Match report by Himashu Bugalia & Pavethy


Oct 23, 2016KCL-I2016

        On a bright sunny autumn day, IECC were all charged up for their most important game of the season, knowing a win here against the table toppers Samurai would take them into the semi-finals. After reaching the field on time, IECC started warming up under the command of our on and off field practice manager, Kale. Pavethy given the responsibility of captaining the side on a must win game, made it clear that he won’t be accepting anything less than victory. Luck always rides with those who take efforts and show their full commitment. After winning the toss, on his debut captaincy Pavethy chose to bat first. As MIB Umpires did not bother to show up, both teams agreed to have own umpires and play the game in best possible sporting spirit.

First Innings:

          Strategy was very clear. “Aggression” and not to give the Samurai’s any space to breath. Kale and Abdul, both experienced players opened the batting. They knew the importance of their wicket and were determined to lay good partnership together. As usual Kale the aggressor started to hit a few out of the ground sixes. The ball started getting disappeared again and again; and Samurai bowlers looked clueless to bowl to him. He lost three new balls in a span of four overs. The Samurai players were confused whether to search the lost balls or to bring another new one. At one point they were starting to realise that they too were lost again and were also losing time in searching the lost balls, the two captains spoke about it and reduced the match to 35 overs.

  20161023 vs SamuraiIt was decided to use one side of the wicket for rest of inning to avoid ball getting in to dense outfield. The raining sixes news had travelled very fast and it made our President (Biju Paul) rush to the ground and support the team. Abdul on the other end kept rotating the strike, well decorated by some classic boundaries. After putting up a quick and a solid 100 runs partnership in mere 64 balls, Abdul got stumped while trying to hit a lofty shot. Our skipper Pavethy started well by hitting a boundary however he was undone by playing all around to a well-pitched up ball (confused mind!!). After two quick wickets, Prashant Kumar decided to enjoy Kale’s classic sixes from the best view point in the ground, from the non-striker’s end.

       After putting up a 49 runs partnership, 1 less than 50, umpire raised his finger for a strong appeal and disappointed Prashant Kumar had to leave the pitch with a pinch, followed by Devendra Dhaka in quite the same fashion.. Kale had his own set of lucks , nevertheless he reached his century raising his bat proudly to a standing ovation from the team members. He was eventually out on 111. Once looking strong at 167/2, IECC were 172/6. Our late bloomer Vivek took the strike to entertain the crowd with couple of boundaries, with one spectacular cover drive in it. Raman and Vivek tried their best to slow down the wicket flow, however, IECC were stubborn enough to reach 204/9 with 22 balls in hand. Samurai were almost getting ready to have their lunch but IECC was not in the mood to give up yet and decided to bat until the last delivery of innings. Last wicket partnership of Rajneesh and Himanshu tried to keep the scorecard moving and put up a small yet quick partnership of 23 runs in 22 balls with one six over the deep mid-wicket boundary in last over by Himanshu. IECC did wag its tail this time and scored 227 in 35 overs.

Second Innings:

After putting up a good total on board, Engineers looked quite in rush to wrap up the Samurais. Starting the attack with Rajneesh and Vivek, our opening pair made Samurai batsmen to struggle very hard for runs and to rotate the strike. The gamble taken by the skipper in making the last minute changes within playing XI finally paid off. Vivek succeeded in dismissing Hanif with a fast & furious peach of a delivery rising from good length, hitting the batsmen’s glove leaving him awestruck. It was quick and was wonderfully collected by Prashant kumar behind the wickets at chest height. Supun (Captain of Samurai and their most important batsman) walked in next. He cut Vivek for a boundary at point region. Everyone knew him as an aggressive batsman. But the next delivery Vivek rattled his stumps with a bouncy top of off-stump in-swinging delivery.

     Samurai were left in totters to make any sort of comeback. Vivek looked like he was bowling on Gabba pitch and not in Sano. IECC showed full commitment in the field to support their bowlers and made sure that not a single loose run was given away. Rajneesh on the other end was bowling tight lines but was not lucky to get any wickets. Saif in the 30 yards circle and Suresh on the boundary showed the full commitment and put extra efforts in the field. Adding to it, Dhaka aka “The Osaka Express” quite disappointed by his own bowling with which everyone else was amazed and Samurai batsmen could only play him like a headless chicken, he took a spectacular catch on Kale’s delivery.

         Any words would be short in front of the jump he took at boundary and made sure to stay in the boundaries to take an unbelievable catch. Quite distressed by the IECC performance, Samurai batsmen were trying to come up with a good partnership. Raman was bowling good line and length deliveries with the old ball. But the Samurai batsmen were not taking any risks, hence no wickets. Pavethy decided to bowl some off-spinners with a set left handed batsmen in the crease. Soon the gamble worked out as he tried to hit a loose ball to heave but only managed to see Abdul who took a spectacular running catch by fielding at leg slip; he took the catch running backward. Raman soon added insult to injury by taking Talha on duck. Pavethy, made sure to get even with his poor luck in batting by taking 3 wickets.

     Spin seemed to be Samurai’s weak point. The Osaka Express finally got off from the poor luck to take Ishira who was looking settled at pitch but was leaking some runs behind the wicket because of his quick deliveries. Then the skipper just couldn’t wait and got our tail end specialist Saif to clear up the rest of the two wickets. IECC bowled out Samurai for 134 runs within 24 overs to clinch the most needed victory and made sure they qualified for the semi-finals. They will meet arch-rival’s Indian Tigers in the semi-finals coming Sunday. Definitely going to be a ripper of a match with some blasts seen during this high-octane Diwali season match.

Scorecard highlights:   

Indian Engineers CC: 227/10 (35 overs) – P Kale 111, Asantha 3/24, Thilina 3/31

Samurai CC: 134/10 (23.1 overs) – Pavethy 3/14.

Match Summary

TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Samurai C.C.1291023Loss


Prashant B. Kale 111-71891-1-
Abdul Sattar 24-293---1-
Pavethynath Velusamy 5-6----1-
Prashant Kumar 10-241---1-
Suresh G.V 0-6----1-
Devendra Dhaka 0-1----1-
Saifuddin Raj 5-19----1-
Vivek Singh 8-11----1-
Raman Tanwar 10-19----1-
Himanshu Bugalia 16-1521--1-
Rajneesh Shukla 4-9----11
Total 227        

Samurai C.C.

Hanif Niyazi 000000000
Thilana 000000000
Lakmal 000000000
Sujit 000000000
Asanka 000000000
Supun 000000000
Asantha 000000000
Ishara 000000000
Total 129        
Hanif Niyazi00000

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[KCL] Engineers need a Kundalini Awakening to secure a KCL semi-final berth

Date: Sep 18, 2016
By: Biju Paul

Mid way through the Engineers innings on a day marred by persistent rain, a feeling of déjà vu gripped them. It’s the all too familiar middle order collapse. From a formidable position of 92/0 in 18 overs the Engineers literally handed the match in a platter to the Men in Blue just 16 balls later when their score read 110/7 and eventually finished with a score of 143/8. Engineers now need some sort of Kundalini Awakening to fire them up for the remaining two matches if they don’t want to be shut out of the knock out stage of the KCL.

It was a day no team would have liked to play due to the overnight rain and the forecast rain all day but the MIB forced the Engineers to the ground thanks to the walkover the Rising Stars gave to the Pakistan Stars in the other match on the same day. That concession by RS threw MIB in to a dire situation of winning as many matches as possible in their remaining outings. So both teams arrived at the ground, Engineers reluctantly though, and both were pedantic about KCL rules under such situations and of course the D/L Method.

Afterthought may question the wisdom of playing a match under constant drizzle throughout the day but both teams having full strength team at the ground, the captains decided to go ahead anyway. After winning the toss, under the constant drizzle, the MIB put the Engineers in first.

Masaomi Kobayashi accompanied his skipper Vinay Mohan to the crease to open the innings. Both the openers did a tremendous job of forming a solid opening partnership under wet and slippery conditions. They carefully constructed the partnership with scoring most of their runs behind the wicket towards the third man area. In fact, MIB didn’t bother to plug that hole throughout the innings and the openers scored their 1s and 2s in that area with élan. MIB openers Abhishek and Manvi, both former Engineers, posed no threat, whatsoever, to the openers. Kobayshi hit the first boundary over third man off Manvi in his second over which went for 9 runs. There was a brief stoppage of play at the end of 6 overs for 30 minutes. What initially started off as a 32 overs per side was then reduced to 28 overs as per the D/L Method.

After the break, MIB skipper Gurdeep Dua, another former Engineer, introduced himself to the attack but only for one over. Gurdeep then replaced himself with yet another former Engineer, Karthik M, and the other end saw Karthik V walking – literally – and bowling. As bowling looked innocuous and openers well set it was time for the skipper to up the pace of scoring and he obliged the need of the hour. Vinay hit his first boundary in the 2nd over of Karthik M. Two overs later he hit Karthik V inside the batsman’s V region on the on side. In between the hits to the boundary, runs kept flowing in 1s and 2s and at the end of 10 overs the score read 43/0 and at mid innings break at the end of 14 overs saw the Engineers sitting pretty at 62/0.

The first over after the break witnessed the first 6 off the innnigs, Vinay taking advantage of a loosener from Karthik M and the ball disappearing the surrounding jungle in the long off region. Vinay hit his second six in the following over to long on this time, taking his score to 47. Anticipating his 50 with a boundary or a six, the Engineers kept themselves ready in the pavilion with the trumpet to celebrate but the skipper didn’t fall into the trap of aggression. With a level headed approach he played innings well for the next few balls and scored his well deserved 50 off only singles.

Meanwhile, Kobayashi on the other end played a perfect foil to Vinay and scored his runs at the same rate at which his opening partner was scoring. He let his captain play his aggressive shots while he continued to eke out singles and twos.  The turning point of the innings came when Sushil Kumar was introduced into the attack. His first ball was hit to the boundary by Vinay, but in the very next ball he was caught at deep mid-off by Sanket, a man who chirping a lot all the time. Fall of that wicket opened the flood gates. In an attempt to improve the scoring rate, Prakash Jayara was sent in as a pinch hitter only to return one ball later, run out at the bowler end having backed up too much. That brought the cool and calm Pavethy to the crease. Sensing blood after two quick wickets, Gurdeep brought his ace bowler, Manvi, back into the attack. The moved seemed to have produced a counter effect when Manvi was hit for a huge six by Kobayshi but the bowler had the last laugh two balls later as Kobayshi was caught at deep mid wicket. Manvi then clean bowled the next batsman and his former mate, Ashok Kumar, the very next ball. Manvi’s bowling figure of that over looked 1,6,2,W,W, dot.

Panic stricken Engineers had one last hope in Prashant Kumar, who always showed what a player he can be. Given the circumstances, he played gem of an innings to steady the ship while wickets fell at the other end. He stood tall amongst the ruins at the other end. His flicks off the pad showed his class and maturity in handling the situation. He played wonderful shots; flicks through mid-wicket were played with panache.

Hard hitter Vivek Singh came in at the fall of Ashok and he did hit hard by dispatching the first ball he faced, off Sushil Kumar, over long on for a huge six. For some unknown reason – will we ever know it? – he tried to repeat the same shot the next ball only to see the timber behind him rearranged. In walked Rajneesh Shukla and out he went the next ball, clean bowled by a fast yorker by Sushil. MIB clawed back in the game with 7 wickets in the span of just 18 balls. A score that threatened to put the MIB out of the KCL this year at one point suddenly seemed like the Engineers were going to fold up for a meager total. The score read 110/7 at the end of 21st over.

Having wrested the initiative back, MIB was not to be blamed if they thought that the immediate closure of the Engineers innings was a foregone conclusion. Your writer came in as the next batsman determined to hang around to give company to Prashant Kumar at the other end. The one noisy player of the MIB tried his level best to dislodge both the batsmen with his tasteless comments but Prashant’s innings of 19 off only 23 balls and the partnership of 33 runs for the 8th wicket with yours truly took the score to a respectable 143 at the end of the innings in 28 overs.

The D/L method said the MIB needed to score 148 of 28 overs.

MIB opened their innings with both Karthiks – may be MIB skipper can explain why both of them are always paired together – and Engineers opened the bowling with Rajneesh and Vivek. While the former was all line and length, the latter was wayward in both departments in the first over while trying to achieve express pace. Rajneesh produced the first breakthrough in the 5th over when Karthik M tried to hoist the bowler out of the park only to be holed out in the long off by an amazingly judged catch by Basava Manu. In what can be nominated for the catch of the season, Kobayashi took out Karthik V in the next over in the deep cover point, covering a good 30 yards, running in from wide long off and diving at the last moment with outstretched arms and the ball securely sat in his hands. It was a remarkable athleticism by the national team captain.

Next man Md. Thouseef was stumped by ‘Keeper Prashant off Vinay for 13 which brought Sanket to the wicket. Engineers didn’t make the batsman’s stay comfortable at the wicket as the batsman was given his own medicine. The unexpected, targeted chirping by the Engineers probably unnerved the batsman as he attempted many shots only to miss the ball. Finally, his agony at the crease was put to end by a nalla throw from the deep cover by Pavethy which caught the batsman short of his crease.

In came the skipper, Gurdeep. In his inimitable style Gurdeep tried to muscle the bowlers and he did not go without success. His stay at the wicket produced a crucial partnership of 41 runs in 5 overs with steady hand, Amit Jain, at the other end. Gurdeep was finally caught plumb in front by Manu for 18 off 19 balls. From 81/6 in 18.5 overs MIB had progressed to 122/7 and by that time the Engineers had sensed the danger. With Amol Vaidya – yet another former Engineer and one who could play an anchor role – at the crease giving company to the well set Amit, it was game that could have gone either way.

Needing 24 to win off 24 deliveries, the air was thick with tension and could have been cut with the proverbial butter knife. With the maverick batsman Manvi still behind, the only way the Engineers could come back into the game was by putting pressure on the batsmen by denying runs; wickets didn’t matter at that point. Quick conferences on mid pitch was followed by elaborate fielding changes. The pressure indeed had a telling effect on MIB. With 6 runs needing off 8 deliveries Amol was run out attempting to sneak a non-existent single and both batsmen ended up at the striker’s end. Next two balls went without any runs being added to the score. That brought 6 runs to win and 5 to tie off the last over. Skipper Vinay took the job on himself and boy! he almost produced a wicket. Amit, the well set batsman, edged one to short third man but the man who was positioned there was at least 5 steps too front and the batsman scored 2 off that delivery. That set the drum rolls going in the MIB camp and why not! Singles off next two deliveries put the match in a classic situation. 2 balls to go, 2 runs to win, 1 to tie. With all the fielders guarding singles Amit hit the ball over the mid off fielder to score two runs the next ball, bringing a raucous MIB to the ground to celebrate a stunning, come-from-behind victory that took them one step closer to the KCL semi-final berth at their first attempt.

Amit Jain anchored the innings with a classy 32 off only 35 balls. In addition to the Engineers middle order collapse, it was perhaps, Amit’s innings that made a difference for the MIB. If this result was any indicator, then opponents will be spending a far greater time second-guessing the MIB. Well done, Men In Blue!

Brief Scores:
IECC: 143/8 (28 ov). Vinay Iyer 55, M Kobayashi 36, Prashant Kumar 16. Sushil Kumar 4/28
Men in Blue: 148/7 (27.5 ov). Amit Jain 32*

[KCL] Travel Agony and Thumping win over Rising Stars

Math report by Suresh


Sep 4, 2016KCL-I2016

Match Summary

TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Rising Stars1531030Loss
Peregrination to Sano:

      IECC’s travel plans were organized in such a way that half of the team would reach the ground directly and the other half were supposed to reach via Pavethy’s car. It all started with Pavethy’s car which wanted to have a weekend nap and doesn’t want to get started on a rainy Sunday morning, the battery was down. May be Pavethy has over used his battery, I meant the car battery guys! Half the team who were scheduled for Pavethy’s car had to commute by train. So Manu, Pavethy, Suresh, Vinay and Anurag were on the train station with their heavy kit bags. The next surprise in store for us was the train service had been interrupted due to some freakish accident.

      The frustration started to mount. The troop had to do some analytical thinking (Analytical variables = rent a car / look for alternate train route / keeping in mind the rain forecast at Sano) and worked out that the best way to reach the ground was by train via different navigation and finally reach the ground by 11:30am (Earlier schedule was to reach the ground around 10 am). Even some of the Opposition team Rising Star club lads joined us on the midway. With both the captains riding the train together, we could have easily had the toss on the train, only to find the umpire strangled at the ground with no players.

     Finally both squads arrived at ground on 11:30am and match was rescheduled to start by 11:45 am and was reduced to 30 overs per side. FYI, we haven’t even started the match report yet, without further due let’s get started.  Meanwhile the other players reached ground on time (Biju, Rajneesh, Prakash Jayara, Prashant Kumar, Prashant Kale, Prem S.) Taking the opportunity of delay, Biju and Rajneesh did the center wicket practice. After middling few balls to middle of the bat, they wished to open the batting and bat freely. (New contenders for opening slot).

Toss time: The toss was won by RS captain and without any hesitation he decided to bat first.
1st Innings:

     Weather became hot & humid due to showers earlier in the day. With a long and treacherous journey, the players already lost most of their energy. With some energy still left in store IECC had the new ball in hand and skipper Vinay had plans to restrict the opposition within 150 Runs. The proceedings started with our spearhead Biju and Rajneesh. Rising Stars had come up with some aggressive plans. Their openers Maqbul & Abu went after the bowling from ball one and gave them a good start.

    Our veteran bowler, Biju used all his experience and bowled some excellent change of pace deliveries. He claimed the 1st wicket of Abu caught at square leg by Rajneesh. In came new batsman Shankar but Biju countered him with an away swinging delivery and all he could do was chop the ball back onto the stumps without troubling the scorers. IECC got the 2nd breakthrough, with wickets falling at one end the RS batters continued to score at a brisk run rate. It was during the 6th over of the match Anurag chased and attempted to stop a mid-wicket boundary but ended up using his soccer skills to kick the ball beyond the boundary line (should be considered a self-goal in cricket). His extraordinary footwork skills brought some funny comments on the field.

     Meanwhile Rajneesh had made the ball to talk and took the important wicket of Maqbul caught at mid-wicket by Vinay. In the same over, Rajneesh also managed to remove the Rising Star veteran player Murad with a gem of a delivery. He couldn’t do much but to nick it back to the keeper Prashant Kumar (P. Kumar).  Rising Stars were losing wickets in a hurry.   Vinay brought about bowling changes on the both the ends by introducing Anurag from the river end and Prakash from the riverbank end. Anurag showed his baseball skills by bowling two beamers and was generous to give a few runs on his first over. Prakash was a touch off line bowling on the leg side and Batsmen soon capitalized on them. Anurag in his 3rd over got back to what he does best and took the important wicket of Naimul (28 runs) clean bowled with an absolute peach of a delivery (thanks to some own team sledging this time too). Next was Rising Stars captain Mr. Dependable Razaul (Sumon), their team needed him to play a captain’s innings and he delivered it. Razaul settled soon and used the pace of our bowlers very well and got quick runs. Mostly nudging them to third man and square boundaries.

     Rising Stars started to get quick runs without any risk (104/5 in 15 overs), so Vinay decided to bring himself and Prem after the mid-innings break. Both of them bowled with lots of discipline and put the brakes on the scoring rate. Prem with his hawk eye line & length and Vinay with his loopy off cutters dried the runs, both the batsmen were struggling to score against them. With boundaries getting dried up, pressure was mounting on the batsmen and finally Prem got the much needed breakthrough wicket of Fayaz, thanks to some quick hand skills by P. Kumar who made a wonderful stumping standing up. Soon Vinay took his counter-part (Sumon) who scored a wonderful knock of 47, again stumped from P. Kumar. The combined bowling spells from Vinay and Prem had turned the sails in favor of IECC. Both Prem and Vinay bowled one of the most economical spells in IECC history: 1/ 9 runs in 6 overs and 1/15 in 6 overs respectively.

Suresh & Manu chipped in with a few overs. Manu cleaned up the tail with his gentle off spin and contributed a team hat-trick. RISING STARS were all out for 154 in their 30 overs. IECC were more than happy to have restricted them  to about 150 odd, comparing to the fact that they were 105 in 15 overs.

Bowling Chart:

Biju: 4-0-22-2

Rajneesh: 5-0-23-2

Anurag: 3-0-25-1

Prakash: 2-0-17-0

Prem: 6-1-9-1

Suresh: 2-0-16-0

Vinay: 6-1-15-1

Manu: 2-0-15-2

2nd Innings:

               After restricting Rising Stars for 154/10 in 30 Overs on a hot & humid day, we wanted to chase the target with a good run rate to get the bonus points.

Captain Vinay decided to change the batting order and sent in Kale and Pavethy.  Kale looked tired in the field earlier, but with the bat in his hand and his favorite opponent he started to hit some lusty blows and some of the shots were breath taking. Every time the fielders had to search for the ball into the bushes and they soon got tired of it. He dispatched 3 balls which were lost forever. On the other end, the ever dependable Pavethy played a steady innings; both of them scored at a good rate. The drama during the 3rd over is worth a note here. Rising Star pace bowler fired in a bouncer that struck Prashant Kale flush on his helmet. Kale paid his due respect on the next delivery by dispatching the bowler with an excelling pull shot and the ball went out of the park. Joy, jubilant scenes in the dugout. Kale had the last laugh, it was a good contest within the game.

           At the other end, Pavethy was picking the right balls and sending them to the boundary at will and in particular two leg glances of the same over were classic shots. The partnership was broken in 9th Over by Fayaz trapping Pavethy LBW for a well-made 36 in 26 balls and the partnership was broken at 97 runs. They both had maintained a healthy run rate of 10 run/over and doing that while chasing was incredible.  Anurag came in next and started his innings with caution, Kale at the other end was hitting the balls out of the park with ease. Soon IECC fielders had to be dispatched in boundaries to watch over the ball going into the bushes. Kale soon reached his half century with a straight six. Trying to repeat the shot he perished the very next delivery, caught at long off for a well made 55 in 36 balls.

     Suresh was the next batsman and he soon tried to hit a wide ball and was caught at mid-on. Anurag started to time the ball well and hit a huge six and followed kale by trying to repeat the same shot again. Manu and Prakash were soon new at the crease. Rising Stars bowlers wanted to capitalize on this crucial moment and tighten the noose but the pair was cautious and started to build a little partnership, Manu soon perished trying to cut one and was caught at point, trying to score during the pressure moment.  Kumar walked in next. But Prakash had other plans, he decided to cut loose and played a little cameo (23 off 14 balls) and demoralized the opposition with some lusty hits towards deep extra cover boundary. The target was within reach now, Prakash tried to finish the match in Dhoni style with a six but he missed the ball and lost his timber. Vinay walked in with his cool head and finished the formalities with a stylish leg glance for a two and the formalities were done and dusted.

IECC took the game away from Rising Stars along with bonus points and moved to the 3rd Position in the points table.

Batting summary

P kale: 55 (36 balls), Pavethy: 36 (26 balls) , Prakash Jayara: 23 (14 balls)


Rising Stars

Abu Hasnat  000000000
Imam Hossain  000000000
Naimul Sayeed  000000000
Kazi Murad  000000000
Total 0        


Prashant B. Kale 55-3664-11-
Pavethynath Velusamy 36-266---1-
Anurag Singh 8-11-1--1-
Suresh G.V 0-5----1-
Manu B. 8-141---1-
Prakash Jayara 23-1331--1-
Prashant Kumar 2-5----11
Vinay Mohan Iyer 2-1----11
Rajneesh Shukla 0-0----0-
Prem Samuel 0-0----0-
Biju Paul 0-000--0-
Total 134        

Did not bat: Rajneesh Shukla, Prem Samuel, Biju Paul

The Science of hitting the ball:

Usually in baseball they use this technique, you don’t need to swing at every ball you face, and if you try to swing in your sweet zone you have more chance of success.  We need to figure out our sweet zone and improve our temperament and shot selections.

Think about it until we meet again at the field.




[JC] Big win keeps hope alive to enter South Kanto T20 Cricket Finals

It was a must win game with big margin for IECC to have a hope to enter into the finals of the South Kanto division of Japan Cup T20 Cricket.  IECC have achieved it with great team effort.

Match report by Manu B.  Date 21 Aug 2016

  The men who represented IECC on the given day were Abdul Sattar, Anurag Singh, Ashok Kumar, Bidyut, Dinesh Singh, Manu B, Pavethy, Prashant Kumar, Prashant Kale, Rajneesh and Suresh. We had a young supporter Aditya (5year old) to support his father Prashant Kale and Team. Bidyut was called up few hours before the game in place of Prakash and he promptly arrived at YCAC ground. This shows our team strength and interest to play for IECC. Regular Captain Vinay could not join in as he was busy checking balance sheets.

     On a hot sunny, humid day at YC&AC, Captain Anurag Singh had a big responsibility in hand. British Embassy team reinforced their lineup by picking players from wombats and other clubs. On paper, it looked a very strong team when compared to previous games. It looked like a competitive game on the hand for IECC.

     British Embassy Captain Keith Franklin won the toss and elected to Bat first.  We would have loved to bat first as well but now task was restrict them to the lowest score possible.  Rajneesh opened the bowling attack from Bay end. On 3rd ball of the 1st over, batsman produced an edge and alert Pavethy grabbed a blinder at 2nd slip. He took one handed catch diving forward. This set the tone for match for IECC. On last ball of same over Rajneesh got Keith Franklin LBW.

The IECC veteran Ashok Kumar wanted to lead bowling attack and opened the bowling from YCAC end but his pitch map was all over the place (Nikko Hangover may be!!) . This was well cashed in by Naglekar (19) & Eyes(16) who tried to build a partnership. This made Anurag to introduce himself into the attack and succeeded to produce false pull shot by Naglekar which landed in safe hands of Manu B at Mid-on. Bowling partnership of Dinesh and Anurag gave away only 17 runs in 8 overs and took 4 wkts. Later on Ashok Kumar found his line and length and took 2 consecutive wickets of Ahmed (0) LBW & Mohideen (0)  well caught at mid-off by Anurag Singh. Anurag finished his splendid spell with another match winning figures of 4(o)-1(m)-7(r)-3(w)

Manu B and Prashant Kale got one over each and both grabbed a wkt. Lewis(1) played a good  square cut but straight in hands of Rajneesh Shukla of bowling of  Manu and Ward(8) clean bowled by Prashant. Finally Dinesh got the last man trapped in plumb in front of wicket.

The stupendous bowling and fielding effort made sure that BECC were restricted to 73 runs in 16.2 overs.

Target for IECC was 73 runs in 20 overs.

To increase the run rate, we needed explosive start to take opportunity of Power play and finish the game in 6-7 overs. Prashant Kale and Abdul Sattar opened the Batting with an intent. Cover drive boundary by Prashant of first ball of the match of the bowling of Joe started the proceeding and by the end of first over score was 21/0.

For Next 4 overs, it was real carnage as ball went flying to all parts of the ground. Fielders were running only to fetch them back.  At 4.3 over of inning, Prashant Kale scored his first half century in T20 in this season (8×4, 2×6) in 21 balls. Abdul gave good support to the Prashant at the other end by rotating the strike and hitting few 2 copybook pull shot boundaries. Pavethy & Dinesh were eagerly waiting to finish the game.. Pavethy got the chance when Abdul (12) got clean bowled by D Wright going for ambitious big shot & Pavethy finished it with a boundary.

Final score: 75/1 in 5.3 overs.

1st Inning summary : Z.Naglekar 19, L. Eyes 16 ,  Anurag  7/3,  Dinesh 9/1

 2nd Inning Summary: Prashant 53* , Abdul 12 , D Wright 4/1 ,.

This was a tremendous batting display. This must be a kind of record of fastest runs chase by a team in Japan Cup. This was again good example of IECC team value which makes us strong team. Good team work, tight fielding, good bowling partnership and well execution of plans. With this win IECC remain in contention for the Finals. Last League match of Indian tigers against YC&AC on 28 August is a high pressure game. A win to tigers ensure they are 2nd in division and earing the place in final.

However win by YC&AC or a tie game will certainly ensure IECC place in finals against AQCC.

We have exciting weekend match ahead for South Kanto Cricket Division.


British Embassy CC

Julian Stevensct -- b. Rajneesh0-------1-
Keith Franklinlbw b. Rajneesh1------1-
Zeeshan Naglekarct--. b. Anurag19--21--1-
Luke Eyeslbw, b. Anurag16--2---1-
Shakil Mostaqnot out10--1---11
Millinda Dharmadasabowled b. Anurag0------1-
Shabbir Ahmedlbw, b. Ashok0------1-
Yursy Mohideenct.--,b. Ashok0------1-
Joe Lewisct. -- b. Manu b1------1-
Benjamin Wardb. Kale8--1---1-
D. Wrightlbw. b. Dinesh1------1-
Extras17 (lb 4,w11,nb2)
Total 73        
Joe Lewis102100
Yursy Mohideen202400
Shakil Mostaq102000
Keith Franklin10600
D. Wright0.50410


Prashant B. Kalenot out53-2582-111
Abdul Sattarb. Des12-82---10
Pavethynath Velusamynot out4-11---11
Dinesh Singh Rawat 000000000
Bidyut Sarkar 000000000
Prashant Kumar 000000000
Anurag Singh 000000000
Manu B. 000000000
Rajneesh Shukla 000000000
Suresh G.V 000000000
Ashok Kumar 000000000
Total 75        

Did not bat: Dinesh Singh Rawat, Bidyut Sarkar, Prashant Kumar, Anurag Singh, Manu B., Rajneesh Shukla, Suresh G.V, Ashok Kumar

IECCians enjoy first get together at Nikko

IECCians had fun time in 2 day camp organised at Nikko on Aug 6,7. This trip became  an instant success when you instantly blend in quite and peaceful environment of Nikko and perfect weekend spot like Woods man Village. Sightseeing, barbecue, fun games at nearby river, walk in mountains were the activities where we mainly spent our time.  Barbecue & breakfast arrangement by PK is praiseworthy mention..

Special report coming soon..

Photo gallary click here 

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(JC) Convincing win over YC&AC keeps finals hope alive

A TIE game in last League match of Japan Cup almost cost us the straightforward entry into finals. IECC needed to win rest of the games convincingly against YC&AC and BECC to boost run-rate. This will ensure that we remain in race to enter South Kanto Division Finals to enter into Japan Cup T20 National tournament.

Match Report by Vinay Iyer (date 24 July 2016)


Jul 24, 2016Japan Cup2016

Team of the day :Anurag, Bidyut, Manu B., Pavethy, Prashant Kale, Prashant Kumar, Prem, Rajneesh, Suresh G.V, Saif, Vinay,

Winning the Toss, Captain Vinay Mohan Iyer, Your writer, knew exactly what was to be done. Batting first, we started with the same opening pair as in the last game; Anurag & Vinay and did justice to power play with 44/0 in 7 overs until Anurag was out for 18 runs (2×4,1×6). This brought in the “Dark Horse” Pavethy who is well known for his stylish photogenic drives. Vinay & Pavethy took off from there stealing quick 1’s & 2’s which was frustrating for the opponents. With 100/1 in the 13th over and Pavethy all guns blazing, IECC was looking for yet another mammoth total around 180-200 with 9 wickets left until Pavethy was struck on his pads of the bowling of Veteran Fayaz Khan. He fell 7 runs short for his half century but he managed his 43 runs in just 31 balls. (4×7)

In came the famous, Japan international, Prashant Kale who was expected to take IECC to their target of 170-180. In very next over Vinay tried to flick one off the pads which he thought was going too down the leg side but the AGCC Umpire thought exactly the opposite and was given LBW. Vinay ended his innings on 38 runs (24b, 4×4).

Kale in the same over lofted a huge six but perished quickly trying to accelerate scoring and suddenly we were down to 124/4 in the 15th over. Suresh G.V & Prashant Kumar were the 2new batsmen in, with almost half of the side back into the Pavilion, 170-180 looked too far but yes 150 was always on the cards as we have always seen IECC batting line-up goes deep up to no.10-11 but who knew we would repeat history much often as a Sunrise or Sunset.

Sensing the opportunity, veteran Fayaz khan of YC&AC started testing batsman patience with teasing loopy off-spin on flex mat. He picked Suresh (2) & Prashant Kumar (1) & Saif (2 consecutive golden ducks). Manu who seemed promising in the previous game was pushed up the order but just managed another duck in 3balls. Rajneesh Shukla & Bidyut managed to open their account but they short-lived before being bowled & LBW for 3runs & 2runs resp. Prem S. managed to remain not out on 1. From 100/1 to 124/4, finally we could manage only 130/10 in 19.1 overs. It was yet another disappointing performance from the middle order. Fayaz Khan in process earned his first 5 for in T20 game against IECC.

Knowing the job, our bowlers came in with a good fight with our usual Opening duo, Rajneesh Shukla & Anurag Singh. Rajneesh has been the most economical bowler for IECC over the years and the breakthrough bowler too and he did it in his very 1st over when he got the wicket of the dangerous Anton Winston who tried to go over the infield but was caught straight at mid-on by Manu B. Anurag at the other end with his furious pace was troubling the batsman before he got one caught behind by P. Kumar which he fumbled but was cleaned up by Suresh a 1st Slip, good team work & good presence.

Prashant Kale replaced Rajneesh and continued tight line and length. He picked his 1st wicket in his 2nd over and there on, he added 3more crucial wickets to his tally which packed up half of the YC&AC side into the pavilion. Kale finished his spell with figure of 4(o)-15(r)-4(w) and YC&AC were 33/6. Alert fielding meant two quick run-outs added to tally. One of them a cheeky one by Suresh and YC&AC were 45/8. The final rituals were completed by Prem who took the final 2wickets in 1.1overs giving away just 1run and YC&AC were All Out for mere 55 Runs giving IECC a victory margin of 75runs.

Quite a lot of positives especially in the bowling department. They build pressure by maintaining good line and length and bowling changes worked like magic. Batting woes however continues. Hopefully we will sort this by next game. A dominating win in last league game against BECC will create strong chance for us to play the finals.



Anurag Singhc A Barrett* b O Morris18-1421--10
Vinay Mohan Iyerlbw b RD Davis38-424---10
Pavethynath Velusamylbw b F Khan43-317---10
Prashant B. Kalec A Winston† b RD Davis8-4-1--10
Suresh G.Vb A Ironside2-4----10
Prashant Kumarb F Khan1-3----10
Saifuddin Rajb F Khan0-1----10
Manu B.lbw b F Khan0-3----10
Rajneesh Shuklab O Morris3-6----10
Bidyut Sarkarlbw b F Khan2-5----10
Prem Samuelnot out1-2----11
Extras(w 11, nb 1, b 2) 14
Total 130        


A Winstonc Manu B B b Raj Shukla0-30---1-
Fayaaz khanc Raj Shukla b P Kale11-202---1-
Owen Morrisc P Kumar Kumar† b A Singh8-131---1-
H Basharatb P Kale3-110---1-
Alaistair Ironsideb P Kale5-61---1-
M Curtisc A Singh b P Kale0-30---1-
AI Islamrun out (Suresh G.V)0-10---1-
Andy Barrettrun out (Saif Raj/P Kumar Kumar†)11-90---1-
Robin Davisc Raj Shukla b Prem Samuel1-50---1-
Ashab Ahmadc Raj Shukla b Prem Samuel1-70---1-
Nick Ashworthnot out0-00-0011
Extras(w 9, b 2, lb 4) 15
Total 55        
Alaistair Ironside402510
Andy Barrett402100
Owen Morris3.103220
Robin Davis403120
Fayaaz khan412150

Match Summary

TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome


(JC)Dramatic Last ball run out leads to first Tie in IECC history

Middle order collapse costs entry into season finals

Match Report : IECC vs AQCC (Japan Cup T20) – Sunday 17th July,2016  by Pavethy

IECC’s dream to qualify for the Japan national T20 Cup was swept away as the game was tied between both teams. Sunday’s weather was as perfect as it could be asked for.

First Innings:

AQCC won the toss and elected to bat first. They unleashed their “N-Power” players Nilesh, Nikhil, Nandha, Naren and Nirmal.  Nilesh gave them a good start at the top of the order only to see Kale shattering his stumps with a ripper and Rajneesh removed another opener Srinivas caught by Manu at long on. Vasanth and Nandha steadied their middle order and a timely run out by Abhishek Jain broke their partnership removing the dangerous Nandha. With Abhishek tightening the screws the run flow stopped and strangled the AQCC batsmen only to find themselves short of their creases, wanting for greedy runs. Vinay and kale each contributed a run out removing Naren and Nirmal respectively.

AQCC reeling for 88/7 in 17 overs, in came pinch-hitter Nikhil, the last of the N-Powered ones. He scored 32 off 18 balls hitting 4 sixes of Skipper Vinay’s bowling, 3 of which came in the final over. Considering 115/8 in 20 overs, a low score in T20 standards, the team got together quickly and started off the chase confidently.

Second Innings:

Openers Vinay and Anurag gave a solid and quick start against a quality bowling line up. Unfortunately, Anurag backed up too much to find himself out to a direct hit by Bakiyaraj from covers. Mr. Consistent Vinay too was out to an incoming delivery immediately after Anurag. Pavethy stranded and steadied himself on one end but to witness quality batsmen Dinesh, Kale and Adirit get out in quick succession for cheap runs.

 In came the young wicket-keeper batsman Prashant Kumar, playing sensible cricket he kept the scorers busy. Pavethy and Prashant Kumar build a partnership during the middle overs and took the team to a decent score of 94 in 16 overs from the stage of 61/5. Pavethy hit two consecutive boundaries of Nandha’s over and got greedy only to find the fielder in covers. As per the cricket saying “One brings Two”, IECC were 94/6; 95/7 and 96/8. Prashant Kumar followed Pavethy soon after and was followed by Saif. With two new batsmen at the crease, Abhishek Jain and Manu B., AQCC’s top bowlers pounced on them with the final 4 crucial overs. The pair batted wisely, hitting occasional boundaries and taking quick 1s and 2s. They both brought the team closer to target.

The Last over Drama:

IECC needed only 6 runs of the last over with 2 wickets in hand. At the start of over mix-up between Abhishek Jain and Manu led to a  run out . Manu sacrificed his wicket and Rajneesh came in. Calm and sensible batting made sure IECC required 1 run of last ball to win.  When an experienced cricketer like Abhishek Jain is at middle, you are sure that nothing will go wrong..!  AQCC captain brought all field inside 30 yard to stop any chance of single. With this field it was sure that bowler will try to bowl a Yorker and guess what he bowled low fulltoss which on nornal occasion could been hit out of ground. Batsmen were too rooted to thinking of not giving away wicket that he hit low full toss straight to short covers fielder and found himself run-out at non striker end. It was a tense and nail biting finish.

relive the Last over :

 The positives out of this match: 

   Overall our Bowling unit was excellent with – Abhishek Jain & Kale taking 2 wickets each. Our team’s fielding was also fabulous effecting 3 run outs. As with the Batting Unit – Anurag top scored with a quick fire 24, Pavethy and Vinay chipped in with 21 and 13 respectively at the top order. The highlights were the performance of our new comers Abhishek Jain (10), Prashant Kumar (11), Manu B (8) and for the rest of the batting unit, the faux pas still continues.

(KCL)Prem S gets taste of umpiring job

Date 10 July 2016

  In summer, Sano area records highest temperatures and high humidity in Japan and it was similar kind of day. Prem accepted the request of umpiring but little he knew that it would be his toughest day of the season.

  KCL match that was played between Samurai and Utsunomia was marred with lot of issues. Late arrival of both teams, taking their own time to settle down, excessive appealing, setting the boundaries into the field of play of JCL Div1 match happening between Sharks and Sano Cricket Club and verbally abusing their players.

Amongst all these, Mr Cool of IECC made sure that both match innings were finished smoothly and no further issues were raised.

(KCL)Hell Hath No Fury Like Engineers Scorned

Biju Paul
June 29, 2016

A week after Engineers batting line-up was pulverized by Tigers in a T-20 outing, Engineers turned up with all their might for a longer version of the game(40 over KCL game) and the result was not surprising. Tigers were taken to the cleaners inside 15 overs for half the score of what they had bowled the Engineers out for in the previous week. The T-20 game was clearly a debacle as Engineers couldn’t score even half the runs Tigers had scored, having their top batters failed miserably which put pressure on the middle order who also found it difficult to get going in the face of persistent attack of the Tigers.The embarrassment of being bowled out for 61 runs had stirred the Engineers pride and the aftermath saw the Tigers being blown away for a paltry 31 runs in 13.2 overs.

The architects of this revenge victory were Masanao Kobayshi(80), who is a new addition to the Engineers this season, the skipper himself(50) and the tearaway quicks, the two Singhs, Vivek (4 wickets) and Anurag (3 wickets).Having won the toss skipper Vinay didn’t have any hesitation in electing to bat first. With Kobayashi as his opening partner, skipper’s decision to bat first yielded the desired result. The first two overs yielded 18 runs with skipper Vinay appeared to be in the zone. Kobayashi was more circumspect in shot selection but Vinay opened up quite early with a boundary off Tigers’ opening bowler Ankit in the 1st over itself. The unprofessionally dressed Tigers looked disoriented from the beginning itself and the opening batsmen started scoring at will. The Engineers goal was to bat all 40 overs and the openers played their role to lay the foundation.

The first 7 overs, after which the first bowling change occurred, saw 40 runs scored with neither of the batsmen showing any discomfort. Change bowler Saneesh started well with only 2 runs coming off his first over and it looked like he could create a break-through. Second change bowler Vishnu Shankar lost the plot in his second over with 17 runs coming off it. That over saw two no-balls one of which went for a four and the resultant free hit was hit for the maximum by Vinay. Tigers skipper Prasanth replaced his expensive bowler after one more his over went for 10 runs. Although Vinay scored at will he did offer a chance in the 12th over by Saneesh but the fielder dropped an easy one. At drinks after 15 overs Engineers were sitting pretty at 93/0 with Vinay 2 short of his half century.

Vinay completed his well deserved 50 soon after drinks break . As the bowling looked pretty ordinary skipper decided to accelerate the scoring further and went for shots off Pravin Mohan, who had just started bowling. But the ball didn’t get enough elevation and ended up in the hands of the fielder at deep cover. Tigers celebrated well their first breakthrough. Vinay’s innings contained three 4s and two 6s. Next in was the big name in Kanto Cricket, Prashant Kale. He didn’t waste much time getting used to the pitch and started his business right away. Kale stroked the balls fluently and his effortless innings of 33 came off 36 balls which included five hits to the boundary. Kale’s innings ended when he was caught behind off Ranjit Mouli. A partnership of 53 runs for the 2nd wicket with Kobayashi. Score 150/2 after 27 overs.

Next man Pavethy opened his account with a single off the first ball he faced. He dispatched the third ball he faced to the fence and in the company of Kobayshi went on to punish the bowlers with ease. Saneesh was brought back for a second spell in between and almost produced a result which would have been a pricey wicket. Again the fielder at deep square leg could not hold on to a catch offered by Kobayshi. Two overs later Pavethy perished going after his skipper’s way. In an effort to accelerate the score he succumbed to a fine running catch at deep cover by Ankit Thakur. The partnership produced 33 runs, 23 of which was scored by the outgoing batsman. Paverthy was caught on camera playing some exquisite square drives and classy straight drives by Manu Basava who was the operating the camera.

Score 183/3 after 33 overs. After the fall of Pavethy’s wicket and with very few overs left, Kobayshi decided to go after the bowling. Next 23 balls he played had only two dot balls in it and the remaining 21 balls yielded 39 runs during which he completed his well paced 50. Some of Kobayashi’s defense techniques showed why he is considered one of the best in the country.  Kobayshi fell at the score of 224 for a personal score of 80 in the 37th over. He was caught behind off Ankit. Very next ball saw Suresh, who was Kobayshi’s partner after the fall of Pavethy’s wicket, clean bowled. Suresh’s 15 came off only 12 balls. With just 4 overs to left in the innings and wickets in hand, incoming batsmen started going for shots which saw the wickets falling in heaps.

From 224/4 in the 37th over, Engineers slumped to 250/9 at the end of the 40th over. In between vice captain Anurag Singh was the one who threw spanner in the celebrations of Tigers. With quick wickets, Tigers were having their tail up but Anurag’s innings of 16 runs off only 9 balls dampened their spirit. Especially that six over long on must have been a demoralizing sight for the Tigers.

With a target of 251 to chase, Tigers showed intent in the first ball they faced. Rajneesh Shukla was dispatched to straight down the boundary by Ranjit Mouli. He played and missed a few more balls in that over. The batsman showed his intent again in the next over trying to pull a short ball from this writer from the other end but the ball ended up hitting him on the chest due to the pace (or lack thereof!). Your reporter produced the first breakthrough trapping Ranjit Mouli plumb in front of the wicket. Skipper Prasanth walked in next but could not get going with the chase. Both Rajneesh and yours truly bowled decent lines and the latter accounted for the skipper when he played a lofted shot straight down the throat of mid-on. Pavethy didn’t have to move an inch. Score 20/2 after 6 overs.

Fielding at mid-on your reporter in between made the incoming batsmen aware of the need to go for shots if they wanted a victory. Some may call it sledging though. The two Singhs, Anurag and new comer Vivek replaced Rajneesh and Biju. With their express pace both bowlers created havoc among the Tigers. At the end of 10 overs Tigers score looked 24/5 with both Anurag and Vivek claiming a wicket each. With the top and middle order wiped out inside 10 overs, Tigers looked clueless against the pace of these two. Three of the next five batsmen were clean bowled which was again beautifully captured by the official photographer of the day, Manu. Last man Saneesh lasted only 3 balls as his middle stump was uprooted by swinging yorker by Anurag. Tigers all out for 31 in 13.5 overs.

Brief scores:

I Engineers: 250/9. Kobayashi 80, Vinay Iyer 50, Prashant Kale 33
I Tigers: 31/10 (13.5 ov). Anurag Singh, 3/4 Vivek Singh 4/4.

Match Scorecard   Match Photos


(JC) IECC gets mauled by Indian Tigers

Match report by Manu / Pavethy Date: 19June2016

After two big wins The Engineers were all set to have a smooth ride on the Tigers for their third game in Japan cup. It was a cloudy day at the YCAC with overcast conditions. Captain Vinay, had sudden malady which forced vice captain Anurag to lead the team at the last moment. Vinay was replaced by 12th man Prem, who turned up from Sano to Yokahama. IECC appreciates your commitment Prem. This is what we expect from the newbies. It was debutant Manu’s first outing in YCAC as well (hearty welcome to the IECC family).

Bidyut opted to be the part-time wicket keeper with our regular keeper Prashant kumar having an outing in the Amazon forest. Prashanth Kale returned back from his Gharwapsi trip landed straight to YCAC from the airport, shows his commitment towards cricket and the team. Although he had to pass the IECC immigration check with a pack of Kaju Katli. The Toss was won by Anurag and elected to field first. With Vinay out of the game, we were one batsman and a bowler short with a last minute shuffling of the batting order as well.

1st Innings:

“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”

A good start was provided by IECC pace bowler Rajneesh Shukla. Shukla managed to see through both the opening batsmen Ragesh Nair & Anuraj Singh (Both caught at mid on by Manu B). Anurag from the other end was bowling tight with his out swingers.

After a good spell by both Rajneesh and Anurag, other two pacers Ashok Kumar & Prakash Jayara (PK) were given the chance to bowl. Ashok Kumar striked immediately by shattering the stumps of Joe George. The Tigers started to crouch and build a decent partnership through Sabaorish (26) & Anil Kumar (21). But their partnership was broken by Prakash Jayara (PK) with a nice catch taken by Dinesh Singh at the first slip.

Next batsman, N Karautiya unable to get going gave a sensational diving catch to Saifuddin Raj at mid off. Entered aggressive Rahul Koul (37 off 17) hitting boundaries and sixes at will was looking dangerous of making a big score, but Anurag brought himself back again and setup a plan to pick him at deep square leg which soon fulfilled by a well judged catch by Kale.

Even though Saifuddin Raj had an expensive spell he managed to take the wickets of Anil Kumar & Divyanshu Srivastava both were beautifully caught by Prashanth Kale again at the same spot (deep square leg). Rajneesh Shukla came back and took the wicket of S Singh caught by himself leading the wickets list column (4 wickets). Even though YCAC is a small ground and has a tendency of having huge scores, disciplined bowling and fielding restricted the Tigers to 144/9 in 20 overs.

2nd Innings:

While keeping a tiger from the front door, the wolf comes in at the back.”

 – Chinese Proverb

     IECC’s new openers Kale and Bidyut started off slowly, thinking that with wickets in hand it would be much easier later to chase down the small target. But the pressure from the opposition was too much to handle. Losing Bidyut on the 4th over with only 7 runs on the board there were some alarm bells ringing in the dugout. With hardly 10 runs scored of the power play overs (slowest start by IECC in T20 so far to my knowledge) it was high time to score at a much faster pace. Dinesh Singh joined with kale to increase the run rate. In the process both got out to rash shots.

     Kale who usually scores at a higher strike rate failed this time to up the ante. Pavethy tried to hold the strike on one end slowing the fall of wickets like dominoes but he too didn’t do any good to the run rate. Anurag Singh (0) followed to the pavilion giving away his wicket to Joe George going for a bad shot on the second ball he faced. Prakash Jayara (1) & Saifuddin Raj (4) was sent back by Saboarish, again trying to heave a six as early as they entered to bat.

With 46 on the board on the 13th over and 6 wickets down there’s nothing much you can expect of the tail. One hundred needed in 7 overs. Pavethy tried to score to the shortest part of the ground and played across the line to give an easy catch to a boundary rider of Manoj Bharadwaj’s bowling. Another rash shot in the air with no timing. Manu (0) had to follow soon to an lbw decision in the same over, which was a clear inside edge. With 8 wickets down and too much to get even the umpire decided to dose off. He had to ask the scorer for the ball count each over. Thus was the state of our batting. Rajneesh Shukla (1), Ashok Kumar (8) and Prem S (5*) tried to keep the scorer busy but managed nothing but singles. With just two double figure scores and the rest all scoring in single digits IECC managed to score only 63 in 17 overs, failing to even bat the full quota.

        Failure to rotate the strike, look for gaps and run two’s, hit occasional boundaries, trying to build a partnership, valuing your wicket and not throwing away it so easy for the opposition to pounce on– these are the hard learnt lessons out of this match. With a fast paced game like T20 it is important to realize the mistakes soon and rectify it and nullify the advantages of your opponents. Hope this match will be a stepping stone for the following matches.

“Never let success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart”

(JPL)Vinay scores T20 hundred

Rich form of  Vinay Mohan Iyer this season continued as he scored his 2nd T20 hundred of the season and 1st in a Japan Premier League match held at Akishima ground on 29May, 2016..

 Representing South kanto Superkings, Vinay won the toss and decided to build challenging total for opposition to chase. Opening pair of Vinay and M. Kobayashi (max and IECC common players !!) batted cautiously for first few  overs, punishing bad deliveries which in process had their first 100 run opening partnership. Once settled, they cashed in and  Vinay with his classical and innovative batting scored exact 100 in 57 balls .Its the first 100 in JPL T20 match this season.  His another IECC Opening partner,  Prashant Kale batting at No 3 scored quickfire 34 of 17 deliveries.

IECC is placed in South Kanto division. Vinay Mohan Iyer, Prashant Kale, Anurag Singh, Rajneesh Shukla from IECC are selected to play for South Kanto Superkings this season.

All players in good form and their  consistent performance shows strong unit of IECC this season.

(JC) IECC Vs Keio Uni Captain’s Day Out

Skippers All-round Performance Seals the Match

May 15, 2016 by Prashant Kumar

The weather was just ideal for a good day’s cricket. Engineers captain, Vinay Iyer, after winning the toss decided to bat first putting the onus on the batsmen to put up a healthy total.

Skipper himself walked out with Prashant Kale to open the innings and started cautiously. Keio new ball bowlers, accompanied by the brilliant work in the field, were able to put a check on the scoring during the initial few overs. After getting their eyes in, both openers started looking for big shots. However, Kale, who was returning after his “Ghar Wapsi” break, failed to get going and was finally caught in the deep. It was a rare failure for him. Vinay, on the other hand, completely unperturbed, continued from where he had left in the last match. He kept on finding the fence at will. He was joined by Dinesh, who despite having a leg injury didn’t let the scoring rate dip scoring a quick-fire 22. He was replaced by Saif at the crease, who this time failed to trouble the scorers much. This brought Adrit at the crease. He proved to be the able ally for Vinay. They just kept hitting boundaries with nonchalant ease. The brilliant partnership between these included some excellent running between the wickets as well. Vinay, who was on 89 at the start of the final over, reached 97 in a matter of a couple of balls with double and a brilliant six. Though he had a chance to score back to back hundreds, however, it was not to be. A brilliant captain’s innings from Vinay, who was very well supported by Adrit with 43*, helped Engineers set up a formidable total of 192/3 in 20 overs.


Chasing the humongous target of 193 was always going to be difficult for the Keio University. They were trying hard to cut down the risk factor, which also meant compromising on the scoring opportunities. Our new ball bowlers, Anurag and Prakash (PK) were in superb form although their bowling figures don’t reflect to how well they bowled. Anurag in particular created pressure by bowling impeccable line and length but was unlucky to not get some more victims. As they say “ball was doing too much to even get a nick”.

It took 14 overs for Keio to reach 50 for the loss of a wicket. Just as the touring teams have often found the Indian spinners too hot to handle at the international level, it wasn’t much different here as well. The slower bowlers ran through the batting line up. Saif rolled his arm over for 3 wickets and Vinay claiming 4 scalps, including first hat trick of the season. Even Prashant Kale (Editor: What do you mean  by “even” 🙂 ), making a bowling comeback of some sort, chipped in with a wicket towards the end. Brilliant bowling and superb fielding by the Engineers were the reasons behind Keio boys succumbing to a meagre total of 70. But even this small total had some sparks of brilliance in between. Hope this outing will help our lesser experienced opponent gain some confidence and they would be able to turn up with more inspirational performances in their next matches.

Highlight of the Day

Today’s win was constructed on the fact that how each member stuck to his assigned tasks and was able to deliver when it mattered. Highlight of the day, undoubtedly was an inspirational performance by the captain both with bat and ball. The bowlers were up to the task, giving away only a few extras and were ably supported by the fielders. Wicket-keeping was excellently done by Prashant Kumar standing upto the stumps (since he was the author of this report , he didn’t mention it – added by Pavethy :p )

The captain couldn’t have asked for more from his troops, with all three departments warming up to the bigger challenges which is expected ahead with a few interesting encounters lined up. Hope we continue with our good work throughout the season. Cheers!!!

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(JC) IECC Vs AGCC- Huge win over AGCC

Vinay’s Century and Anurag blitzkrieg enable Engineers to breeze past AGCC.

Don’t knock the weather. If it didn’t change once in a while, nine tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation.  in my case i wouldnt start the Report-writes saif  Raj

IECC 248 for 2 (Vinay 124, Kobayashi 73) beat  AGCC 58 for 10 (Kawasaki 20, Anurag 4ov – 6 – 6)  by 190 runs. Scorecard 

Firstly, let me welcome the debutants to IECC family – Adrit Jain, Masaomi Kobayashi and Prashant Kumar. All the best and hope you guys have a good time.

Nature was not turning out to be kind enough; there was persistent rain in the build up to the match. Strong winds blowing across the ground throughout the day also threatened to put off our first match of the season.

Our Captain, herein referred to as Vinay J lost  the Toss and AGCC invited us bat first. More than the opposition’s bowling arsenal, breezy conditions were going to be a bigger challenge. IECC openers cum captains (IECC and Japan team respectively) were watchful to begin with. Soon after, they opened up and the boundaries started to flow at will. Kobayashi’s stroke play was matched by Vinay’s drives and deft touch.

Bowling by Aoyama CC was below par to say the least but cannot blame them for the effort on the field. Fielding was up to the mark with some brilliant out fielding effort by AGCC. At a little over halfway stage both batsmen had crossed half centuries at a brisk rate. Kobayashi perished in search of quick runs for a well-made 73(45).

Vinay upped the ante and with some lusty blows with good support from Pavethy at the other end. Score reading 150 for 1 at 15 over mark and Vinay at 60. 16th over yielded 20 runs; all coming from Vinay’s bat. I bet Vinay was not thinking what the whole team was thinking – a chance to score a century. From there on it was carnage, amazing display of stroke play by Vinay.

By 18th over Vinay reached the land mark with boundary over midwicket as the entire team rose to applaud a stupendous effort.

IECC ending at a humongous 248 for 2 from 20 overs.

2nd Innings:

     With all due respect to Aoyama G. CC the match was all but over.  AGCC was never going to chase down a mammoth total against the bowling might of IECC.Opening spell started by ever reliant Rajneesh and tear away spearhead Anurag. AGCC openers survived the first over unaware of what was going to hit them next.

Hit they were, by the pace, swing and aggression of Anurag who was in no mood to let go off the hard work and muscle built during the off season.

     The batsmen were on their toes while playing him (or not so) all the time.One ball whizzed past the ears and the other would rattle the stumps – It was the beginning of an end. Awesome display of fast and accurate bowling saw wickets being rattled 7 times in a span of first 8 overs. 6 of which snapped up by Anurag in a 4 over spell, all bowled. At the end of 8 overs, score read 27/7. AGCC all but finished even before it began.

     The last few wickets was going to be a formality for IECC and it was about going through the emotions for AGCC. IECC wrapping up the ACC innings with a professional and dominating performance. At the end IECC made light work of AGCC batting, gunning them all out for a meagre 58.

Match scorecard


[WG] Gale and Storm flattens the Rising Stars – Part 2

Engineers massive score makes it 2-0

Apr 10, 2016 by Suresh G.V

After the “Prashant Storm” chased the target of 145 in the 1st match in just 11 overs, the batters were ready and loaded with fire with all guns blazing for the second match.

The second match was led by vice captain Anurag in the absence of our regular captain Vinay. Anurag did a very fine job in marshalling his troops well. The openers, Abdul  and Saif, right from the word “Go” were on a destructive mode. Abdul in particular was at his very best, scoring 44 of just 22 balls. Saif too contributed with a swift 38 off 26 balls. The opening partnership was broken in the 7th over and in came the man of the day, Prashant Kale, who had earlier taken the Rising Stars by storm. Kale started his innings where he had left off in the first match with complete dominance again scoring an  aggressive knock of 38 in just 18 balls.  Rest of the natters (PK, Bidyut, Suresh, Dinesh) continued their good work, and Vivek finished the innings with some fire power scoring 29 of 11 balls. The Engineers finished the game with a huge score of 225/6 in 20 overs. IECC Defending 225: The word discipline was perfect to describe our bowling unit. Rising Stars were in huge pressure with a humongous score to chase. Engineers started the proceedings with Dinesh & Prem.  Dinesh in his very 1st over got the important wicket of Sunny, which was supported by a very good catch from PK. I could say with that the hopes of Rising Stars were buried, and from there on no batter had answers for the engineers bowling attack. It was a complete dominant performance from engineers, Prem once again had produced a decent spell. By half way of RS innings, they were struggling at 23/3. Then came the spin duo of Bidyut and Manu and RS batters failed to pick the spin combo, Bidyut (2) and Manu (3) chipped in some quick wickets and the rest of the game was just a formality. Captain Anurag was very good in field placing and rotated his bowlers very well, bowled a very good spell too and the overall job was great. The hard fought hero Vivek bowled his heart out with very good pace and our man behind the wickets Prashanth Kumar had done an excellent job with gloves. Keep up the good work guys. Rising Stars could manage to reach only a paltry 82/8 in their 20 Overs, Engineers took the game by 143 Runs. Although we had lot of positives to take from the games played, there is always room for improvement.

Expertise come by repetition. let’s work hard until we make winning a habit.

[WG] Gale and Storm flattens the Rising Stars – Part 1

Prashant Kale Steamrolls Rising Stars

Apr 10, 2016 by Anurag Singh. 

Kale Scored 117 of 44 deliveries.what was most striking was that his century came inside 10 overs which is in all likelihood is a record in Japan.

“They say cricket is a team game, but that’s not always the case” – Mystery man

Match 1

After a tense encounter in the T-20 World Cup, with India taking the game in a thrilling finish, P. Kale invited the Rising Stars to play a couple of friendly T-20s at Sano. Rising Stars gladly accepted the challenge and the was game on. Every one was wishing for close games, but Engineers’ batting line up (read Prashant) made sure that that was not the case. Engineers captain Vinay, offered the opposition to bat first, if they agreed to Engineers batting first in the second game. After that sweet deal was made, the game started with Anurag and Vivek opening the bowling, in absence of the regular (read older) pair of Biju and Rajneesh.


Vivek playing his first game for the Engineers, bowled in good areas, with very good pace, despite the pot belly, which is a proof of the good time he had back home. Anurag was a bit wayward to begin with and allowed Rising Stars’ openers easy runs, with Sunny, the opener taking him for a couple of fours and a six. First change, Abdul got rid of the other opener straight-away in his first over, with Prashant Kumar pocketing the catch. This brought in Naimul at number 3, who was sent back by PK in the first over of his spell, with Vinay taking the catch. Sunny on the other end was riding all his luck and making sure Engineers paid the price every time it was bowled in the slot. He had a good partnership with Rajin (16) and Sayeed (18). After two overs from Abdul, Vinay took over for a two over spell, and took out Sunny in his first over to halt their march. Afterwards, Manu and Prem were brought on to bowl two over spells each. Prem bowled a good spell, bowling wicket to wicket, and taking out Mohibul in his first over. Vivek and Anurag finished the innings with some tidy overs to restrict the Rising Stars to 142 in their allotted 20 overs. The bowling effort from the Engineers was good, but it lacked control, and the ground fielding and catching let them down too many times. The keeping by Prashant Kumar was brilliant as always.


Chasing 143, Engineers started with Prashant Kale (referred to as Kale hereafter as we have two of them now 🙂 ) and Vinay. Kale was in no mood to take it slow, which is the case most of the times, and he started with a huge six off the second ball of the innings. On the other end, Vinay had a contrasting start, miscuing his second ball to offer a simple catch. This brought the younger Prashant to the crease who played very sensibly and kept rotating the strike, making sure Kale got to face as many deliveries as possible. Kale was in great touch and was making sure that anything that was in his zone was punished. It was just one of the days where his zone was pretty wide. All the bad deliveries and even the not so bad ones were dispatched to the boundary and he showed no love to any of the bowlers. Engineers had to dispatch two people on the boundary just to fetch the balls that were mostly landing outside the ground. He took a special liking to Rajin and Helal, with the former going for 37 in his 2 overs, and the latter going for 35 in his single over spell. Kale was in such good touch in the second half of the innings that he took only 15 deliveries to complete his second fifty and raced to 117 in a mere 44 deliveries.  It was a great knock and I hope he continues paying like this for the rest of the season.

What was most striking was that his century came inside the first 10 overs, which in all likelihood is a record in Japan.

Prashant Kumar also played a good supporting role and scored a run-a-ball 20. The game was completed in the 10.2 overs and it was a highly convincing win for the Engineers. [separator top=”10″ bottom=”20″ style=”shadow”]


(WG) IECC vs Tochigi

Honors shared equally in two T20 games March 20, 2016 Pavethy Nath

Match 1: “The Lion and the Ring master” It was a clear sunny day with spring in the air and hopes on our heart for a good day’s cricket. The Engineers reached on time in Sano for a good pre-match warm up session headed by Prashant kale and the mystery masked man with an unnamed IECC T-shirt. All geared up and waiting for the opponents almost an hour passed by. At about 11 am, they slowly appeared in patches, the lions are known for their laziness in the wilderness but this is cricket in Japan. May be they tried to imitate Miyamoto Musashi (the samurai who was known to be late for duels), but Ashok was quick to give them an earful. With the stumps laid out and the boundaries marked, in walked Kale and Neeraj – our newest opening pair for the first match. Vinay (Captain) wanted to have a blend of new comers and old players to get a better understanding between batting partners. Neeraj played a classic cover drive to start with a boundary but soon perished to a short pitch delivery edging to the keeper. On the other hand, Kale was aggressive and scored a quick fire 24. He was then bowled to a sharp incoming delivery. We were 2 wickets down within the power play but with a good run rate, the match was in balance.  Our next mix and match pair Dinesh and Adirit Jain steadied the ship. They made the opponents run all around the ground like a wild goose chase.

To add insult to injury in came Udayanga, a bowler with the pace of Malinga but no where near to his accuracy. He bowled a 2 ball over with the rest all too high no balls giving us 17 runs in worst economy rate of Sano’s history (Economy – 51.0). The pair made a 50 partnership. Soon Adrit got out on the 14th over. He hit 3 sixes and 1 four showing his capability in the shortest format. Dinesh soon got out for a well made 38 in 32 balls. In walked Vinay and the Unnamed masked mystery man. Vinay continued his form from the previous season as if he rose from hibernation. He made a quickfire 33 from 20 balls. As the saying goes “Make hay while the sun shines”. The mystery man made Hay (Hay fever) but didn’t shine this time with his Laver & Wood bat. He got out at 5. Nevertheless, he showed his passion for cricket despite having hay fever and surrounded by hay all over in Sano 1. His efforts were appreciated by giving him a ride in PK’S convertible. Thanks Anurag (vice-captain). We made 169/ 5 after 20 overs.

After few munches and drinks we got back to the field. Biju and Rajneesh opened the bowling. They soon got to their line and length make it difficult for the opposition batsmen to score. They picked up a wicket each, followed by Anurag and Abhishek. Abhishek rolled his left armers excellently and picked up 2 wickets with a good economical spell.  Roshan and Rasika scored some crucial runs for their team in the middle overs but failed to continue. Ponnusamy bowled some very slow spin which frustrated them and he finally got the wicket of Rasika who was batting well. Vinay chipped in the final overs and ended the game with 2 wickets in one over. Their batting was at par and they scored 141 at the end of 20 overs.

TOCHIGI – 141/7 IN 20 OVERS. Engineers won by 29 runs.

Match 2: The Lion’s Share

After resting for a while, the 2nd game was reduced to 15 overs due to time constraint, with Tochigi batting first. They started with a bang making use of the power play overs. The openers reminded us why they are the defending champions of Japan Cup. Aravinda hit 5 sixes and 4 fours in an incredible knock of 60. And Pethum scored 46 with 1 six and 5 boundaries. It took an international standard full stretch one handed catch by Adrit at the long on boundary to stop the explosive Aravinda. All our bowlers were torn apart by the opening pair except Vinay who came to bowl in the later half. They reached 100 at the end of the 8th over. Later Vinay pulled up his sleeves along with Adirit, who was rewarded with the ball in his hand for his incredible catch. They both bowled an economical spell to restrict Tochigi CC to 159 in 15 overs for the loss of 4 wickets. With nearly 10.6 runs needed per over.

Pavethy and Prashanth gave a good start with Prashanth Kumar rotating the strike and Pavethy going for the big shots. Pavethy scored a quick fire 27 in 11 balls but failed to dominate the power play throughout. Abhishek Jain followed him and ran some quick singles and 2’s trying to up the run rate as the boundaries were drying. Prashanth Kumar was retired our and Abhishek was retired hurt. Kale and Vinay came in next with kale scoring 19 and Vinay unfortunately getting out through his legs with just 2 runs. Neeraj joined kale and 13. Both of them were scalped by Rasika and Prabath combination catching them in the boundary line. With more than half the side back to the pavilion, entered Dinesh (hamara Sher Khan). He sent the Lions running all round the park, scoring an incredible quick fire 26. With him on strike IECC hopes were high. But he was caught out by Aravinda off the bowling of Chinaman Prabath. There went the Lion’s share of wickets. We were short by only 15 runs by the end of 15 overs.

Tochigi – 159/ 4 (15 ov). IECC – 145/ 8 (15 ov).

Having won one and lost the other, we sure had a lot of take home messages and a good day of practice against one of the best teams in Japan. We sure did tackle them but failed to tame them.