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Issue #15 KCL Final postponed


October 11, 2001                                                                                              Issue #15

Hello and welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

KCL Final postponed

The much awaited KCL final was washed away on October 8th. The match was to be played between the Tokyo Giants and Friends XI. The new date will be announced soon.

Tokyo Giants had defeated the Sri Lankans by 3 wickets in the first semi-final. Sri Lankan Lions 160, Tokyo Giants 162/7. Friends had qualified for the semi-final after trouncing the YC&AC. YC&AC 124, Friends XI 125/4.

In the first play-off for the Division I next year, Shizuoka Kytes(159/8, G. Parsons 6/16) bowled out the British Embassy for 99 (G. Parsons, 49, M. Sharpe, 6/19) thus keeping the jinx of the visiting teams not scoring more than 99 runs against the Kytes this year intact.

The second play-off which was between the Indian Engineers and the Millennium was converted to a 22 over friendly as the Engineers showed up at the ground only at 2 p.m. after getting stuck in a 4 hour traffic jam. The play off is likely be played towards the end of October. Read here the report of this match and an eventful journey.

The following teams have been qualified for the Division I for 2002:
Tokyo Giants, Friends, YC&AC and Sri Lankans (all semi-finalists) and
Shizuoka Kytes (winner of the first play-off)
Winner of the second play-off

The seventh member of the Division I will be winner of the third play-off between the losers of the first and second play-off.

The rest of the 8 teams who participated in KCL this year will form Division II next year, when the Kanto Cricket League will come under the auspices of Japan Cricket Association. In the following years, the top and bottom two teams of Division II and Division I will swap their positions.

Brief results of all matches are available here.


1. Steve Waugh christened Michael Atherton cockroach. Why?

2. Robert Peel, slow left-arm bowler, played 22 tests for England. His English County career with Yorkshire came to an abrupt end in 1899. What incident on the filed led to the sudden end? (Hint: This is a common phenomenon in Tokyo cricket!)

Answers at the end of this Newsletter…

How to select the correct bat for your game

At some point in your cricketing career you have to accept that a new bat has to be bought and the Old Faithful has to stand aside and play second fiddle to a new blade full of the joys of run making. Read this column which is aimed to make it easier for the individual to go out and confidently buy their own bat knowing that they have considered all the aspects of their game and physical attributes before buying a new one.

Read the details here.

11th Annual YCAC 6-a-side Tournament

By Tony Fordyce
The first game was due to start at 09.00, but it was raining very heavily until only 15 minutes prior to that hour. Suddenly, with the arrival of your correspondent and his optimistic sunglasses, the rain stopped, and some quick mopping-up operations allowed the tournament to start only 30 minutes late in bright sunshine. In the first round games Sri Lanka beat Japan, the Rest of the World beat the Anzacs, YCAC beat the British Embassy and Pakistan beat Anzacs, all fairly comfortably. The semi-finals were won by Sri Lanka and Pakistan (YCAC giving Pakistan their closest game all day) and the Plate semi-finals by Japan and India.

The Cup final was unfortunately rather a one-sided game. Pakistan batted first and reached a very competitive total of 74 in their 5 overs. In reply, despite hitting a ‘no-ball’ 6 off the first ball, Sri Lanka lost 3 wickets very quickly and were all out for 36. In the Plate final, excellent bowling from Ashok gave India a comfortable victory over Japan.

The individual prizes, kindly donated by Allied Pickfords, were awarded as follows:

Best batsman: Amjad (Pakistan)
Best bowler : Ashok (India)
Best player: Fuji (Japan)

YCAC Defeats Singapore Cricket Club

By Tony Fordyce
Excellent cricketing weather for our first ever game against the SCC in their 149th season. An excellent result also. We won the toss (to SCC’s evident dismay) and batted first. Fortunately, despite some excellent bowling from Prasad (1-22 in 7 overs) we got off to a very quick start, mainly thanks to a quick 32 from Kamran. A huge straight 6 from pinch-hitting Lovegrove also put us in a strong position psychologically (although this was somewhat weakened when he was clean-bowled next ball). Mark, as usual this season, timed the ball extremely well, this time without giving his usual early chance, and his excellent 51 helped us, with some later contributions all round, to a fairly comfortable 167 all out. In reply, SCC lost 2 early wickets, but an excellent partnership between the Singapore national team players Bala and Ravi (not looking like a man with only 3 hours sleep) took them to 85 with only 2 wickets down and plenty of overs left. The captain was reaching his wit’s end (which did not entail a long journey) and finally accepted James Lovegrove’s voiced and unvoiced appeals for a chance with the ball. This immediately proved successful when he trapped Bala leg before and then had Ravi well taken on the deep square leg boundary, in a spell of 2-8 in 3 overs. The later batsmen were unable to keep up the required rate of scoring, thanks mainly to some excellent bowling from Avinash. Scotty Erickson was given the ball for the last over with one wicket to fall. One ball was all he needed to wrap up what was, in the end, a comfortable victory by 45 runs.

Mark was chosen as Man of the Match from the YCAC side and Prasad from SCC

Readers Forum

Just to put the record straight, YCAC scored 1,209 runs in their KCL group matches (including innings of 358 and 345), and only played 5 games, compared with the 6 played by teams in Group A! I think this was comfortably the highest total of any team in the group matches.

Tony Fordyce

Editor: In our last issue we said that the Indian Engineers have scored the highest aggregate runs – 950 runs for the loss of 50 wickets – in the league matches. This is not true. The Indian Engineers have scored the highest aggregate runs in Group A, not in the entire league. The error is regretted.


The correct entry in the scorebook at YC&AC if a batsman hits the ball out of the ground(local rule)

I believe the correct scorebook entry for Sriram is ‘Retired’. That, of course, means innings terminated, unless you are injured.

Paul Blamire.

Answers to the questions given above

1. Because like a cockroach he keeps coming back and is hard to get rid of.

2. He took to the filed drunk!

That’s all in this edition!

Issue #14 What cricket has and baseball doesn’t


August 20, 2001                                                                                              Issue #14

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

What cricket has and baseball doesn’t

For Hollywood star Robin Williams “cricket is like baseball played on valium.” Obviously, the die-hard cricket fans will not agree with Mrs. Doubtfire. But has anyone, especially those living in Japan, ever wondered what is the real difference between the baseball and cricket? Well, here it is on Rediff Cricket, a cricket news web site:

Kanto Cricket League

The league matches of this tournament have been completed and the KCL enters the knock-out stage from now.

An interesting statistics that has emerged is that the Indian Engineers have scored the highest aggregate runs – 950 runs for the loss of 50 wickets – in the league matches! Friends XI holds the second place with 937 for the loss of 45 wickets. However, they failed to make it to the semi-finals having finished third in Group A.

The Indian Engineers scored a landmark victory over the mighty Friends XI in a closely contested match played at the Fuji ground on July 29. This was Friend’s first defeat in the tournament in many years. Read the reports here

In Other matches over the weekend(August 18 and 19), Friends XI crushed the Adore to enter the semi-finals. After batting first, Friends XI captain Syed Amir declared their innings as closed, very unusual in a one day match, for 208/7 in the 28th over obviously knowing that the victory would be easy. They then bowled out Adore for 50 runs.

Another expected result was the victory of the Sri Lankan Lions over Wyverns. Wyverns were bowled out for 71 with Aanura Gunasinghe claiming 5 wickets. The Lions won the match by 5 wickets thus entering the semi-final.

In what was the last remaining match in Group B, the Tokyo Giants won the match against the YC&AC by 7 wickets. YC&AC 133. Giants 134/3. However, both the teams will enter semi-finals being the toppers in Group B.

Another upset of the sorts was the victory of MAX C.C over the fancied Tokyo Bay on Saturday. Tokyo Bay were all out for 85 in reply to MAX’s 167. With this defeat, both MAX and Tokyo Bay, who were expected to qualify for the play-off for the Division I were relegated to the Division II.

Semi Final Lineup
Friends XI Vs. Tokyo Giants (Sept. 2)
YC&AC Vs. Sri Lankan Lions (Sept. 9)
Play-off for Division I for 2002 line up
Shizuoka Kytes Vs. British Embassy (Sept. 16)
Indian Engineers Vs. Millennium (Oct. 6)

The losers of the play-off matches will play again(date is yet to be confirmed) to determine the winner who will enter the Division I as the seventh member, apart from the semi-finalists and the winners the play-off matches.

Points Table

Brief results of all matches are available here.

Japanese Cricketers to visit the UK

National squad and University cricketers from Japan will make a visit to England from 30 August to 8 September. The touring party will comprise 20 men and 12 women with each team playing four matches against various sides in and around London. Highlights of the tour will include a game against the Marylebone CC and a net session at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Pressing cricket bat willow – the process explained

The game of cricket involves a bat that is made of a soft material and a ball made of a hard material. The ball, although hard on the outside, is designed to change shape slightly on impact thus minimising damage to the bat. The bat is designed to withstand the pressure of the hard surface of the new ball.Read the details at Columns.


New Arrival:

Robert Bennett announces the formation of a new cricket club in Hiroshima city. Read report of their first game at:

Kytes acquire a new roller:

The Shizuoka Kytes acquired a new roller for their ground paid by the KCL Committee. See the picture and a brief comment by R-G Martineau.

Do you know who is known as the African Botham? Try to answer the quiz on our home page… Well, here is a clue. He is NOT from a Test playing country!

Umpiring course held

Special session for Umpiring was held by JCA on August 12th(Sun.) at the Fuji ground. The coach of umpiring was from VCA(Victoria Cricket Assosiation), Australia.

Reader’s Forum

It has been pointed out to me by one of our players (who read your Newsletter more carefully than I did!) that in your game against YCAC Sriram was actually out (not ‘technically not out’). Local rules apply even in professional cricket, and this was also agreed in advance by both captains.

Editor: We agree with you the fact that local rules apply even in professional cricket. But I’m not sure of the method of a dismissal other than those well known and documented methods. At least we don’t know of such instances. It is true that the captains agreed in advance of this mode dismissal at YC&AC but since this is not an approved mode of dismissal in professional cricket, we thought that Sriram may be technically not out.


Issue #13 Cricket in Kimono


July 11, 2001                                                                                              Issue #13

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Cricket in Kimono

Read the confessions of a Japanese woman cricket buff, who currently lives in Hong Kong, which appeared on Rediff Cricket, a cricket news web site.

Kanto Cricket League

In major upset, the resurgent Shzuoka Kytes defeated the Sri Lankan Lions. The Kytes bowled out the Lions for 89 and then romped home by 5 wickets. This is the second upset victory in the KCL so far, the first being the Wyverns defeating the Kytes earlier this season. In their other match against the Friends, the Kytes almost caused an upset when they bowled out the Friends for 99, their lowest ever total, but the mighty Pakistanis were able to hold on to themselves and win the match by bowling Kytes out for a paltry 33.

With all but a few games remaining, the Group A is tantalisingly poised. The Friends XI, with their mighty wins in all their matches are almost a certainty for the semi-final berth. With two matches each remaining, the Sri Lankan Lions and the Indian Engineers will be battling out for the second spot from Group A. Assuming that the Engineers breeze through the next match against their traditional rival, the Kytes, their do-or-die tie will be against the strong Friends. A win in this match is a passport to the semi-final berth with a handsome 21 points, beating the Lions(19 points), even if the Lions win their reaming two matches. But if the Engineers manage to lose that, then their qualification depends on the results of other matches in the group. Weather also can play a part to help them.

It is long way for speculation for Group B with half of the teams played only one match each. Find below the points table of each group. Brief results are also available at Follow the link ‘Kanto Cricket League’.

Points Table

Win – 4, Loss – 1, Abandoned – 2, Tie – 2, Walkover – 4

Group A
Friends XI4301014
Fuji Far East413 07
Indian Engineers431 013
Shizuoka Kytes5221012
Sri Lankan Lions4211011
Wyverns312 06


Group B
British Embassy321 09
MAX101 01
Millenium202 02
Tokyo Giants220 08
Tokyo Bay101 01
YC & AC110 04

Flicx Pitch

For the first time in Japan, a Flicx pitch(an artificial, portable pitch) was used in a a game thus sending the Indian Engineers and Adore to JCA’s records. The KCL match between the two teams were played under foggy and wet weather conditions thus making a true assessment of the quality and feasibility of further usage impossible. For a report on the Flicx pitch, visit: and follow the link ‘Match Reports’. For more information about Flicx pitch and other stuff, visit:

KCL club to be penalised

The KCL Organising Committee(KCLOC) is believed to be actively considering deducting 4 points from one of the participating clubs in the competition for transgression of its rules. If KCLOC actually imposed the penalty, this will be the first time ever in the history of the tournament a club would be peanlised for its intransigence.

The incident that prompted this action occurred when the offending club played an unregistered player in of their KCL matches. According to KCL rules, all players must be registered with the Registrar at the beginning of the season and any new player must be registered at least 48 hours prior to the match in which he/she is expected to play.

IECC records impressive wins

The Indian Engineers registered impressive wins against the YC&AC and Edogawa-Lala, a combined team of Edogawa Falcons and Lalazar Sports, in friendly matches. It was the first time the Engineers defeated both the clubs in many encounters.

Sriram Sampath of the Engineers scored his maiden century in the match against YC&AC and remained “technically not out”(but declared out for hitting the ball out of the ground into the residential area. This is a local rule at YC&AC).

In a tense finish, the Engineers defeated the Edogawa-Lala by three wickets with only three balls to spare in the allotted 35 overs.

Read the reports at and follow the link ‘Match Reports’

Issue #12 Kanto Cricket League Underway


May 11, 2001                                                                                              Issue #12

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Kanto Cricket League Underway

The newly formed Kanto Cricket League(erstwhile Kanto Cup) is underway with three matches being played on April 22.

In a major upset, minnows Wyverns, a Japanese University team subdued the fancied Shizuoka Kytes with excellent bowling performance by J. Hanada 5/22 and H. Kojima 4/7.

Wyverns C.C.: 72 (T. Phillips, 4/6; R. McKenna, 3/25)
Shizuoka Kytes C.C.: 62 (J. Hanada, 5/22, H. Kojima, 4-7)
Wyverns won by 10 runs

In other matches: In a closely contested match in which the second major contribution came from Mr. Extras who scored an unbeaten 50, Tokyo Giants managed to avoid another upset by defeating Millennium by 57 runs and in the third match, Fuji Far East was outplayed by Sri Lankan Lions. Brief scores:

Tokyo Giants C.C.: 193/8 (Mumtaz Alam, 61; Extras, 50; Y. Yamamoto, 3/25)
Millennium C.C.: 136 (N. Miyaji, 34; Mumtaz Alam, 3/14; Razzaq Cheema, 3/20)

Fuji Far East C.C.: 82 (Sujith Dharmasena, 4/12)
Sri Lanka Lions C.C.: 85/2 (Gamini Perera, 34*)

Read the reports here

 Glenn Carter scores first century of KCL

The first century of the KCL season was scored by Glenn Carter(106*) against Adore on the weekend match.

Fuji Far East C.C.: 241/2 (G. Carter, 106*, T. Kawashima, 51*; extras, 62) (40 overs)
Adore C.C.: 112 (H. Takahashi, 4/14; K. Orita, 3/20) (37.4 overs)

Read the reports here

Brief results and points tally so far can be viewed at Follow the link ‘Kanto Cricket League’.

BTTW article

Read latest developments in Japanese cricket at Beyond The Test World on CricInfo.

Web site Updated

IECC web site has been updated with latest Kanto Cricket League results and other links. A new link to Archives has been added. You can find here all that was published on this site in the past. Follow the link ‘Archives’ under Etceteras.

Japan Cricket Association makes first Administrator appointment

Naoki Miyaji has been appointed as the first ever dedicated cricket administrator of JCA. Miyaji, 22, who has a Japanese University Degree in Laws and is the opening bowler for the Japan National XI with whom he has toured internationally, will commence his duties immediately. Miyaji, who has lived in Japan all his life, is fluent in English and will be based in Tokyo on a 20-hour working week basis

JCA Board Chief Secretariat, Kenichiro Matsumura, said, “This is an exciting time for Japan cricket and the JCA is delighted to have arranged someone of Miyaji’s calibre to fulfil the Administrator role. This is a very important appointment for us.”

The focuses of the Administrator’s role will be those matters which will enable Japan to achieve its vision of progressing from an Affiliate to Associate Member of the ICC, a development which would see the JCA greatly benefit from additional support and attention. These will include; strategic and financial planning, playing and practice facility development, coach and umpire development programs, schools programs, fundraising/sponsorship, stakeholder relationships with government and facility owners etc., promotion and marketing of the sport in Japan, and initiatives to grow participation numbers in the sport amongst persons of all ages, both male and female.

ICC East – Asia Pacific Development Manager, Matthew Kennedy, said, “There are many hard-working volunteer officials and players in Japan who have done a fantastic job to grow the sport in that country. However, they are very busy people in their own professions and the further growth of cricket in a country such as Japan requires a dedicated well-planned and continuos approach. It is seen as time that some additional manpower support is provided to these JCA Board members and other stakeholders so that more development initiatives can be undertaken amongst this enthusiastic and expanding cricket community. Miyaji’s appointment is sure to be a boost for the sport.”

ICC announces partnership with Victorian Cricket Association, Japan & South Korea

A combined release from the Victorian Cricket Association (VCA) & International Cricket Council (ICC) East – Asia Pacific Development Region announces that VCA has been engaged in a cricket partnership agreement with the Japan Cricket Association and Korea Cricket Association that will see it deliver coach, umpire, player and administrator development courses and other activities to grow the sport in these countries.

The initial agreement is for a period of 12 months but it is hoped that this will develop into a long-term relationship. The partnerships will also involve the significant provision of cricket equipment and development resources as well as other suitable VCA support mechanisms.

ICC East Asia – Pacific Development Manager, Matthew Kennedy, said, “Both these countries have proven to be pro-active within the Program and cricket is at an exciting stage in these nations with many current activities and initiatives. This additional support will be invaluable in assisting the hard-working volunteer officials and players in both Japan and South Korea to achieve their aims of cricket progression.

The ICC Development Program contributes US$3.2 million globally on an annual basis to developing the game in non-Test countries.

 Darrell Hair’s next test – Developing Cricket umpires in East Asia – Pacific!

Current Australian Test Umpire, Darrell Hair, has been engaged by the International Cricket Council to undertake the first ever Umpire Development Project in its East Asia – Pacific (EAP) Development Region.

Whilst focussing on the three ICC Associate Members of the Region, the project will establish the status of cricket umpiring and a proposed plan for its future development in all 14 countries of the East – Asia Pacific Development Program:

ICC Associate Members in EAP – Fiji, Hong Kong & Papua New Guinea

ICC Affiliate Members in EAP – Brunei, Cook Islands, Japan, Philippines, Samoa, Tonga & Vanuatu

ICC “New Territories” in EAP – China, Indonesia, New Caledonia and South Korea.

ICC East Asia – Pacific Development Manager, Matthew Kennedy, said, “The ICC Development Program is about progressing all aspects of the sport in the countries involved. This includes, but is not limited to, facilities and equipment, administration, elite and grass roots development, tournaments, junior and schools programs, coaching, umpiring and scoring.

The Kyushu League has started

Saga C.C. resumed their old rivalry with Fukuoka C.C. by beating them in their first encounter: Saga C.C. 152/6 (Rohan 76*), beat Fukuoka C.C. 141(R. Bennett41; Thrisantha, 4/21), by only 11 runs!


That’s all in this edition. Hope you enjoyed reading it.


Issue #11 Winds of change blowing in Japanese Cricket


April 5, 2001                                                                                     Issue #11

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Winds of change blowing in Japanese Cricket

In its effort to streamline and strengthen cricket in Japan, the Japan Cricket Association(JCA) has taken initiative to bring some of the tournaments taking place in various parts of the country under one umbrella, thus shedding the image of a body to conduct cricket only for the Japanese. The bold initiative yielded immediate results with the Kanto Cup, arguably the primary expat tournament in Japan, agreeing to the JCA proposals.

During the AGM of Kanto Cup held at the YCAC premises early February this year, which was attended by representatives of both JCA and Japanese clubs, JCA forwarded a proposal to this effect. Under this new initiative, JCA hopes to bring the Kansai League, the Kyshu League and the Universities competitions, apart from Kanto Cup under its umbrella in future. The top teams from these regional championships will compete for a national championship.

During the AGM, the JCA proposed a two-division league format for the Kanto Cup from 2002 with this year’s competition results determining the placement of teams in each division. Of the 13 teams, including 5 Japanese teams, the top seven will go to the First Division and the rest will form Second Division, beginning season 2002. The subsequent years will see the bottom two teams from D1 demoted to D2 and the top two teams from D2 promoted to D1. The Kanto Cup teams have agreed to this proposal and decided to name the new tournament as Kanto Cricket League(KCL). A seven member Kanto Cricket League Committee was chosen the same day that would organise the Kanto Cricket League under the auspices of JCA.

JCA is also mulling the possibilities of a similar structure being proposed for other tournaments such as the Kansai and Kyushu leagues that currently are being conducted by the respective bodies, independently. JCA hopes that having these tournaments conducted under its auspices, thereby acting as an umbrella body of cricket in Japan will make the game of cricket and JCA more visible and will help integrate the expat and local cricket seamlessly. As JCA sees it, another advantage accrues from this arrangement is the expected improvement in standards of cricket in Japan and increased competition for recognition among various teams.

JCA has reorganised itself to create, among other things, Competition and Public Relations departments. A special project team named Japan Championship Committee has also been created to organise an All Japan Championship from 2002.

These measures, JCA hopes, will increase the popularity of the game in this country and have the potential to attract sponsors which in turn will make the game more attractive to the native Japanese, both to take part and follow.

However, a larger and clearer picture on the success of this format and initiative will only emerge in 2002 when it becomes “officially official” and more stringent rules for the scoring disparities – which has been the bane of Kanto Cup, umpires and residential status of players will be enforced.

The new KCL schedule is available at Follow the link ‘Kanto Cricket League’.

The following is the group structure of KCL for 2001:

Group A

Friends XI
Adolescents C.C.
Wyverns C.C.
Far East/Fuji C.C.
Indian Engineers C.C. (
Shizuoka Kytes C.C. (
Tokyo Sri Lanka Lions C.C.

Group B

Tokyo bay C.C.
Millennium C.C.
Tokyo Giants C.C.
British Embassy C.C.
YC. & AC.


New Insurance for the teams

As a separate initiative, JCA has introduced a group insurance scheme for all teams. This scheme with an annual premium of JPY 1,400 per person will cover all cricket-related injuries. This includes injuries occurred at home or on the way to a cricket match or practice! Good job JCA! Long way to go..

The terms of insurance are:

(Editor’s note: Please note that all figures are in Japanese yen!)

In the case of: an accident/injury

Death: 20,000,000

Hospitalisation: 4,000/day (in case of 4 days or more)

Hospital attendance: 5,000/day (in case of 4 days or more)

Liability of compensation:

Physical compensation: up to 100,000,000/person,

up to 500,000,000/accident

Property compensation: up to 5,000,000


Injuries caused by the nature of the sport (shoulder/back problems caused by excessive bowling etc.).

Payment by this insurance will be made regardless of the payment of other insurances and not only will it cover own injuries, but will also cover liability of compensation in case of an accident or damage made by a cricket ball etc.



We are looking for anyone who will be interested in writing a column(regular or irregular) on our web site. If you are interested or know anyone, please contact



Web site updated:

The IECC web site has been updated with latest IECC and Kanto Cup Schedules. Follow the link ‘Schedule’ to access the IECC Schedule for the 2001 season. ‘What’s New’ is updated with the latest news.

ICC Development Manager visits Japan

The ICC development manager for East Asia-Pacific region, Matthew Kennedy visited Japan in March to study the existing facilities and to explore the ways to improve the game in this part of the world. During his visit, Kennedy met with the JCA representatives and other key people apart from attending a KCL Organising Committee meeting. He also visited the grounds in the Kanto and Tokai regions and discussed the budgetary requirements of JCA, training requirements of umpires etc. JCA was given a set of scorebooks, counters, books on cricket and other things as part of the ICC development support.

“We are also studying the possibility of Japan taking part in international tournaments such as the South China Sea Championship”, Kennedy said. The other probable participants of this tournament are Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Chinese development team and the Philippines. “Hong Kong is currently doing the feasibility study of hosting this tournament this year”, he said.

Although, he had to do with the help of an interpreter, Kennedy said he had a fruitful visit.


Japan could not attend the Asian Cricket Council’s Advanced Umpiring Course held in Islamabad March 19 to 26, due to conflicting schedules of the Japanese nominee and the course. The umpires who had agreed to attend the course are:

Ataul Hoque Mallick (Bangladesh)Tony Cooper (Fiji), Ghulam Saqlain(Hong Kong), Zahid Usman(Kuwait),Faruhath Jaleel (Maldives), Bhupindher Singh Gill (Malaysia), Muhammad Shafique (Nepal), S.D. Naik(Oman), Aleem Dar (Pakistan), Dr. Tariq Kureishy(Qatar), SarikaSiva Prasad (Singapore), Camillus Perera (Sri Lanka), Mohan Utamchandani (Thailand), Nasir Butt (UAE).


That’s all in this edition. Hope you enjoyed reading it.


Issue #10 IECC Golden week tour


January 31, 2001                                                                                                 Issue #10

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Golden Week Tour

IECC is planning to tour Jakarta and Bali at the invitation of Jakarta Cricket Association(JCA) during the Golden Week in Japan. The planned departure date is April 27th or 28th and leaving Jakarta on May 5th or 6th, probably after attending the JCA’s Annual dinner party. If you are interested in joining the tour please contact or in the next couple of weeks.

Web site updated

The IECC web site is updated with new contents.

  • An interesting batting game has been added. Please follow ‘Game & Other Extras’ link under the Interactive section and have some fun!
  • Did you know that the first batsman ever been dismissed ‘timed-out’ in first-class cricket is Tripura’s number eleven Hemulal Yadav on December 20, 1997? Follow the link ‘Cricket Trivia’ under the ‘Etceteras’ section for more details.
  • The quiz has been randomised. This means that you can answer a new quiz, instead of the previous static one, every time you visit our site. Cool!
  • Did you ever want to be a swing bowler? Read the ‘Secrets of Swing’ under the ‘Etceteras’ section.
  • Cricket in Japan on ‘Beyond The Test World’. Find it under ‘News & Articles’.

We are looking for anyone who will be interested in writing a column(regular or irregular) on our web site. If you are interested or know anyone, please contact



That’s all in this edition. Hope you enjoyed reading it.