Issue #5 Kanto Cup Updates


August 3, 2000                                                                                              Issue #5

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

We are into the second half of the Japanese cricket season which ends by November. After having played a total of 5 matches(3 Kanto Cup matches and 2 friendly) in the 1st half of the season, it is time to take a look at the individual performances so far. The player statistics are available at our site Follow the “Statistics” link on the revolving links. Both batting and bowling analysis are available. For a more critical mind, a detailed report also is available from the Statistics page. Enjoy!

IECC ended their draught on the banks of Fuji River. IECC won a friendly against Fuji on Sunday, July 30. A detailed report and brief score card is available at

Kanto Cup

In yet another shock of the tournament, underdogs Japan Selection defeated Shizuoka Kytes by 19 runs. The implication of this is that we will tie with Shizuoka Kytes, if we manage a win against the Tokyo Giants, which will be a close call when run rate come into play.

Full score card:

Other Kanto Cup results are:

Friends defeated Falcons to take lead place in Group B.

Full score card:

Tokyo Giants defeated Japan Selection by 5 wickets. Brief scores: Japan Selection: 48 (Imran Rehman, 6/15), Tokyo Giants 49/5

Full score card:

Brief results and the points position are available at

 Upcoming matches

As mentioned earlier, the dates of the matches known to us are:

Aug. 13 Vs. YC & AC (Friendly)
Aug. 20 Vs. Giants (Kanto Cup)

Apart from these two, this year IECC has been requested to organise the Indian team for the prestigious YC & AC Sixes tournament. We will need a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 7 players for the tournament. The tournament will be held on Aug. 27.

Other titbits

There are some interesting postings by some interesting personalities on the IECC discussion forum. Visit our site and follow the link “Discussion”.

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In the Vision report submitted to the govt. of India, BCCI’s vision include putting up the best team for the next world cup in 2002! Poor BCCI, they are unaware of the fact that the next world cup is in 2003, not in 2002. Please do not consider this as a mere typo in a draft document. This is the document that BCCI took one month to produce and given to the government of India.


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