Issue #6 Kanto Cup reach playoff stage


September 4, 2000                                                                                              Issue #6

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Kanto Cup

Our Kanto Cup 2000 campaign has ended in a none too pleasant note where we failed to qualify for the quarterfinals. Let’s hope that we will do better next year.

The Kanto Cup Q.F line up is as follows:

YC & AC Vs. E. Falcons
Giants Vs. Fuji
Japan Vs. Lala
Shizuoka Kytes Vs. Friends

In the rest of the season we will be playing the 3 match series Pacific Cup with the Shizuoka Kytes and also the Indo-British Friendship Cup with the British Embassy. Apart from this, we are hoping to play some more friendly ties with other teams depending on the availability of the grounds. As of now, only Pacific Cup dates are available which is listed below:

Oct. 15 Match #1

Oct. 29 Match #2

Nov.12 Match #3 (Final match). Winner of two matches will walk away with the Cup.

The remaining two matches of Indo-British Friendship Cup will also be played in October/November that makes the rest of our season full of matches. The only exception is September when grounds are unavailable due to Kanto Cup matches.

Site Updated(

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Our site is updated with the logo of the club. You can see the logo sliding down(instead of the word I.E.C.C) when you open the page.

Statistics: Only 5 batsmen average more than 10 and only 4 have scored more than 50 runs this season so far. Shankar Tops the batting average(20.8) and runs(83) followed by Sriram. No bowler has been able to take his tally to 10 wickets yet. Follow the Statistics link on the revolving links for more details. The detailed batting and bowling figures are available from the summary page by following the “Statistics Details” link.

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YC & AC Sixes

The Sri Lankans won the YC & AC Sixes tournament by defeating the Pakistanis lead by Amir Ali by one run. Edogawa Falcons and Lalazar sports had boycotted the tournament. Giants and Friends represented the Pakistanis.


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