You can bowl these outswingers all day to tail enders .. but can you take Wkt !!

— Pavethy sledging his own team mate Anurag. Next delivery was yorker which uprooted offstump. Sleding works even within team mates (Jun 25, 2016)

“Every wicket you get is NOT yours. Its due to the other end bowlers pressure “

— Rajneesh comment to Biju’s wicket after failing to get wicket of his bowling. (Jun 25, 2016)

“They say cricket is a team game, but that’s not always the case”

— Anurag singh summing up the T20 game result in one line. Prashant’s inning single handedly won T20 match on that day. (apr10,2016)

What am i Doing !

— Vinay surprising himself by hitting Takuro for 2 consecutive big 6s in JPL match ! ( may 25,2016)

“I can only bowl fast “

— Ashok kumar’s reply when asked to bowl slower ball. (2015)

He bowls flighted pace deliveries..

— that’s how Pave described Biju’s bowling (Oct23,2016)

What are you looking at , Pavilion is that way.

— Pavethy to a bamboozled batsman who mistook him for genuine spinner and got bowled on a flatter faster one.. (Apr 23, 2017)