Pacific Cup

When it started originally way back in 2000, this used to be a three match series between the Indian Engineers and the Shizuoka Kytes. The Indian Engineers came up with the three-match series between the two teams after the two friendly matches we played with the Kytes resulted in 1-1, the previous season. In 2002, the British Embassy agreed to participate in this competition thus making it a triangular tournament. In this unique competition, each team plays each other twice and the top two play the final. This is the first of its kind in the Kanto region of Japan.

The tournament underwent a format change in 2004. The teams felt that the tournament is going deep into November every year, a time when it is difficult to play and also to get enough numbers on the field. Hence the new format is:

  • A 4th team will be invited to the tournament every year
  • The format would be a straight knockout: A plays B and C plays D
  • Winners play the final
  • Losers play for 3rd and 4th place

The tournament underwent a further format change in 2008 when it was expanded to 8 teams, in a straight knockout format as if the teams are playing the quarter finals.

In changing the format of the tournament, the organisers hoped to bridge the gap created by the division of the old KCL into two smaller leagues, which has had the unfortunate result that many teams, including some of the best in the country, no longer meet in a structured competition.

Season 2010

The teams taking part in this year are: Indian Engineers, Shizuoka Kytes, Tokyo Wombats, Paddy Foleys, Indian Tigers, Serendib and Tokyo Predators.

Final Tokyo Wombats and Indian Engineers were declared joint winners after the final was washed out

Semi-final T Wombats defeated S Kytes I Engineers walked over Serendib

Match#1: Shizuoka Kytes walked over Tokyo Predators

Match#2: Sept 12. Indian Engineers 142 (Navin 49, Andrew Goldsmith 3/20, Bes 3/20, Jagan Panda 3/22) defeated Paddy Foleys 94( Dinesh 4/24)

Match#3: Sept 19. Serendib180/8.( Dhanuka 37, Manoj 29*) defeated Indian Tigers 179/9 (Ramasubramaniam 57, Rajeev Nair 48, Sreemal 4/29)

Season 2009

The teams taking part in this year are:

Indian Engineers, Shizuoka Kytes, Tokyo Wombats, Paddy Foleys, Adore, Indian Tigers, Tokyo Giants and YC&AC

Final Tokyo Wombats178/4. (N Goold 46, C Jones 48) defeated YC&AC 177. (Aamir Ali 54, P Shackleford 4/22).


Juy 5. YC&AC 255/7. Prashant Kale 129, Ashok 3/31, Raju 3/39. IECC 112(24 ov). Raju 24, Dinesh 24, Riaz 3/8

T Wombats defeated P Foleys

Match#1: April 26. Kytes 142 (34 ov. Mewan 48). IECC 143/8

Match#2: May 30. YC&AC 255/5 (Prashant Kale 127, N Horton 55). Adore 238

Match#3: July 7. I Tigers 149 (33.4 ov). G Beath 3/32. T Wombats 150/1(19 ov.).  S Burke 70.

Match#4: Paddy Foleys defeated Tokyo Giants by toss of a coin

Season 2008

The teams taking part in this year are: Indian Engineers, Shizuoka Kytes, Tokyo Wombats, Paddy Foleys, Adore, Nagoya, Tokyo Giants and British Embassy

Final November 9: Tokyo Giants (206/9, 25 overs) defeated Nagoya (164, 24 overs)


October 26. T Giants (162, Suresh Navod 4/28, Ashley Harvey 3/30) defeated Kytes (157, Ashley Harvey 67*)

November 3. Nagoya 263/6(Madan 96, Raza 56). IECC 195/8. S Raju 60.

League matches

Match#1: April 6. Kytes 214/9 (A Harvey 48, A Burr 3/40, A Flew 3/43). Paddy Foleys 160 (29.2 ov. Zahid Khan 48, A Mohammed 4/25, A Harvey 3/14). |

Match#2: July 5. IECC walked over Adore.

Match#3: July 20. British Embassy 129 (A Winston 50, Munir Ahmed 5/20, Tausif Ahmed 3/18). Tokyo Giants 130/5 (16 ov. Sajjad Hassan 51*).

Match#4: July 26. Tokyo Wombats 155. Nagoya 156/6.

Season 2007

Match#1: October 13. IECC 110 (S Ghadge 34, M Prakash 23). Womats 111/1 (C Mortimer 50*, J Shearer 40).

Match#2: BECC forfeited their game against the Kytes Final: October 28. Wombats v. Kytes

Season 2006

Latest: Indian Engineers will play the British Embassy and the Shizuoka Kytes will play Tokyo Wombats.

October 14I Engineers vs. B EmbassyGunmaI Engineers walked over Brit Embassy
October 15S Kytes vs. T WombatsShizuokaS Kytes 154(28.5 ov). J Chamberlain 52, A Harvey 51, M Kelly 3/20. T Wombats 158/2(17.3 ov).  M Ainslie 67, J Shearer 51.
November 11I Engineers vs. T WombatsTBDI Engineers 161(37.3 ov). C Jagadeesh 31, Dawson 4/39 T Wombtats 162/6 (28 ov). G Beath 46, S Sahoo 3/36.

Season 2005

After both the Tokyo Wombats and British Embassy forfeited their games, the Indian Engineers and Shizuoka Kytes played the final and the Engineers wrested the Cup.

Final: S Kytes 196(28.3 ov). R McKenna 53, B Paul 3/24, R Deo 3/29, V Vikrant 3/46 IECC 198/9(28.3 ov). S Prashanth 66, Extras 47, M Sharpe 3/43.

Season 2004

Match#1: August 7. BECC forfeited their game against Indian Engineers

Match#2: Oct. 24. Wombats 223/7. Kytes 39.

Match#3: IECC 158/7(35 overs). V Vikarant 46, V Ghosh 33, A Kumar 34. Wombats 160/4 (29 overs). C Jones 58*.

Season 2003

Match#1: May 24. BECC 87(33.1 overs). IECC 88/1(22.3 overs).

Match#2: Sept. 13. IECC 209/8(40 overs). BECC 209 all out(39.5 overs).

Match#3: Oct. 5. Kytes 132(34 overs). IECC 72(28.5 overs)

Match#4: Oct. 25. Kytes 106/9. BECC 107/3.

Match#5: Nov. 23. IECC 124. S Sahoo 40*, M Sharpe 5/37. S Kytes 50. A Sharma 5/6.

Final between the Indian Engineers and British Embassy was not held due to lack of time.

Season 2002

Latest: Engineers retain the Pacific Cup third straight year.

Match#1: Jul 20. BECC 73(34 overs). IECC 74/3(24.2 overs)

Match#2: Oct 6. Kytes 147(30.5 overs). BECC 151/4(34.1 overs)

Match#3: Oct 13. IECC 274(39.1 overs). Kytes 68(21.4 overs)

Match#4: Oct 19. IECC 152(30 overs). BECC 83

Match#5: Oct 27. IECC 147(26.4 overs). Kytes 76(26.3 overs)

Match#6: Nov 3. BECC walked over Kytes Final: Nov. 9. IECC 161(35.1 overs). BECC 132(38.3 overs)

Season 2001

A tight KCL schedule and a couple of washouts ensured that only 2 matches are played this season. The Engineers retained the cup after they drew the series at 1-1.

Match #1(40 overs): July 15. IECC 97 in 20.1 overs, Kytes 100/8.

Match #2(30 overs): November 18. IECC 215/9, Kytes 145.

Season 2000

Match #1(40 overs): May 14. Won by Shizuoka Kytes.

Match #2(30 overs): Nov. 12. IECC 167/6, Kytes 147/7.

Match #3(35 overs): Nov. 26. IECC 208 all out, Kytes 92 all out.