Issue #4 Kanto Cup on CricInfo


July 17, 2000                                                                                              Issue #4

Welcome to this edition of the IECC Newsletter.

Kanto Cup on CricInfo

Kanto Cup made its way into CricInfo’s fortnightly column Beyond The Test World or BTTW, which concentrates on cricket in non-Test playing nations such as Japan. The report is compiled by Biju Paul. You can find this article by following the link “Beyond the Test World” from the main page of CricInfo( or by clicking

This column will continue to cover Kanto Cup and other indigenous tournaments in Japan.

IECC Vs. Japan Selection

In the upset of the Kanto Cup tournament, the Japan Selection defeated IECC by 6 wickets. A full match report is available at Follow the link “Kanto Cup–>Match Reports. A full scorecard is available at

Points position

As of now we are in a very bad position. Even if we win the only remaining match of us, we are in an unenviable position. Assuming that Japan Selection will lose their remaining two matches, we will tie with them with 10 points apiece, in which case the run rate will be taken into consideration to determine the fourth qualifier for the quarter finals. As of now, with only two matches played, Japan Selection is ahead of us in the run rate too. We can only pray that they lose very badly in their next two matches and we win our next match with lot of runs on board. Given below is the run rate so far:


Vs. Shiz 87/10, Vs. Japan 117/10, Vs. YC & AC 128/10. Runrate: 332/30 = 11.07

Japan Selection:

Vs. Indian E. 118/4, Vs. YC & AC 77/10 Runrate: 195/14 = 13.97

The points tally

Having played all their 4 matches in the league level, YC & AC leads Group A(our group) with 3 wins and a draw(14 points). Friends XI leads Group B with 10 points from 3 matches(2 wins and a draw). Brief results of the matches played so far and the points position is available at

Our schedule

As of now, we have two more matches coming up which are on:

August 13 Vs. YC & AC (Friendly)

August 20 Vs. Tokyo Giants (Kanto Cup)

Apart from these, there are 5 more matches whose dates are still unknown. They are the 3 match series Pacific Cup with the Shizuoka Kytes and the other 3 match series called Indo-British Friendship Cup with the British Embassy of which one match is already considered to have been played earlier this year.

Sheikh is in trouble again

Edogawa Falcons Captain Shikh Nissar clashed with Fuji captain Glenn Carter over the condition of the Fuji ground where the Falcons were supposed to play their league match against Fuji. According to the reports, Glenn declared the ground unfit for play on the day before the match which Sheikh refused to accept and wanted to play at any cost. In the ensuing argument over the phone, Glenn reported to have abused Sheikh using foul language. The Kanto Cup committee has since rescheduled the match but it is not yet known if this is acceptable to both the teams.

That’s all in this edition. Hope you enjoyed reading it.